Privacy Policy - Product / Account


When using our products and services, we collect and process personal data at various points. The respective collection and processing of personal data depends on the product used and the associated services and product features. In some cases, you may deliberately submit or provide us with files for verification. If these contain personal data, processing is carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out in this Privacy Policy.

Here are a few examples:

Avira Connect

With Avira Connect we provide a web console which you can use to manage your account and our software. Furthermore, we provide you with the option to register your smartphone, so you can locate it in the event of loss. To provide you with this service, we collect data on the location of your smartphone. Through Avira Connect we also manage our software that you use. For this, we store license information, the license expiration date, and the service packages you have booked.

Avira Phantom VPN

With Avira Phantom VPN we provide you with a global service for an even safer internet connection. Encrypted connections to our server locations distributed around the world let you surf anonymously and access your favorite content from anywhere. If you use Avira Phantom VPN we do not collect any data about the web pages you visit or the services you use on the internet. The information we require for our billing system only tells us when someone was online and what data volume was utilized.

Avira SafeSearch

We operate our own search engine. If you use this product we collect information on the browser type and operating system you use to perform the search, your IP address, and the type of search conducted. We store information about how you perform your search (for example, how many web searches were performed on a particular day or in a particular region). The search requests and personal data are hosted and stored on Avira servers. We work with third parties to provide you with better search results.

Avira URL Cloud

The URL Cloud feature helps identify internet addresses that are harmful to your system when you are browsing the web. URL Cloud analyzes the internet addresses you visit, to determine which internet addresses could contain malware, spam, or phishing, and warn you before opening those internet addresses. However, we remove any personally identifiable information prior to investigation. We store certain internet address data in an anonymized form and use it for debugging, statistical purposes, and to improve detection rates.

Avira Protection Cloud

For better protection against threats, our products contain features allowing us to analyze new or unknown malicious software or files from potentially hazardous sources in real time. When these features are enabled, our products use certain pre-determined rules to see whether an event on your system is caused by a virus or malware attack. If necessary, we will send a "digital fingerprint" of the unknown or suspicious data from your system to Avira for investigation in real time. In most cases, our analysis can immediately label the file as either safe or malware. Under certain circumstances the executable file may need to be sent to Avira for further analysis. In this event, files are exchanged between your computer/device and the Protection Cloud in an encrypted form. Personal files (e.g. in pdf, doc, or xls formats) or personal documents such as photos and videos are not transmitted.

Avira Home Guard

Home Guard enables you to detect "smart" components (such as video cameras, baby monitors, smart TVs, Wi-Fi routers, printers, media servers) within your home network and to analyze them for vulnerabilities. Furthermore, Home Guard stores the results to search automatically for new devices. To provide this function, we store information on your network and the devices connected to it, such as MAC and IP addresses as well as network settings.

Avira Safe Things

To improve your home's safety and adapt it to deal with current threats, SafeThings by Avira is a solution which can be installed directly on your router by the network operator. This solution protects your network devices automatically against IoT threats. To do so, we process information on your local network, your router, and its settings.

Avira Browser Safety/Avira Safe Shopping

With Avira Safe Shopping/Avira Browser Safety we secure your surfing by blocking infected/phishing websites and we protect your privacy by stopping invisible trackers. If you turn on the price-comparison function of Avira Browser Safety/Avira Safe Shopping, we'll show you deals and suitable products from other vendors based on your search. It’s possible that the landing sites you visit will install cookies on your computer. This is something Avira is not responsible for and has no control over. In this respect, responsibility for data protection rests solely with the website provider.

Avira Software Updater

Avira Software Updater checks if your locally installed programs are up-to-date. If outdated programs are detected, Avira Software Updater notifies you about the potential safety risks or installs the respective updates automatically. Version status verification is only performed locally. No data on installed programs is sent to Avira.

Avira Password Manager

Avira Password Manager lets you store your passwords safely and synchronize them across multiple devices. Passwords are encrypted immediately after entry. Owing to the master password, Avira is unable to access your data. For data transmission from your devices to our servers, we use only encrypted data (End-to-End-Encryption).

Avira Identity Scanner

Avira Identity Scanner provides continuous monitoring of personal data on the web. This software protects your identity by identifying potential cyber risks which may be used for identity theft or online fraud. Furthermore, Identity Scanner will notify you about every security breach of your data. Additionally, you have the option to transfer the data to be checked to us.

Location information:

For certain features, we access the location data of your device.

Date: 11.12.2019