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Internet Security for Windows

Real time identity and PC protection

  • Automatically blocks online threats
  • Generates & saves strong passwords for you
  • Detects and fixes software vulnerabilities
  • Blocks annoying ads & web trackers
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Powerful anti-ransomware

5 billion USD was lost globally because of ransomware alone in the last year. Internet Security keeps you safe.

  • Blocks all attempts to hijack your data and hold it to ransom
  • Protects your precious files, photos, and movies
  • Even recognizes previously unknown mutation

Automatic web protection

1.7 million web attacks are detected every day! Surfing, shopping, banking, updating social media… Internet Security offers real-time protection against malware, viruses, phishing, and more.

  • Won’t slow your system down
  • Repairs files too

Secure password management

Keep your online accounts safe:

  • Generates and securely stores strong, unique passwords
  • Logs you in automatically if you choose
  • Remember only 1 unique master password
  • Synchronizes passwords & account details across all your devices

Real time security alerts

Scans your accounts and alerts you if there’s any risk to any of your accounts.

  • Alerts you if your account was breached
  • Notifies you if a website, where your passwords are stored, is infected
  • Identifies weak passwords across all your accounts
  • Tells you which accounts use the same passwords

Automatic software updates

Automatically keeps software and drives safely up to date. 

  • Covers updates from over 150 software programs (not just Microsoft!)
  • Identifies and installs the latest updates with 1 click
  • Automatically patches your security holes
  • Optimizes hardware performance

Simplify your life and save time

Software companies expect you to know about updates, find the right one and then install it. Software Updater Pro does all that work for you.

  • No more looking for updates
  • No more clicking ‘Next’, ‘Next’, ‘Next’ in installers
  • No more annoying popup messages asking you to update 

Block ads, trackers and infected sites

Included is Browser Safety, a discrete browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera that: 

  • Blocks annoying ads and video commercials while you surf
  • Prevents ad networks from tracking you online
  • Stops millions of infected and phishing websites from loading

Recognized by experts

Just a few of the awards recently won by Avira’s Internet Security

Antivirus software products comparison graph

No. 1 Antivirus for protection, performance & usability

  • Declared a winner in multiple independent tests 
  • Performance that won’t slow your system down
  • Backed by 30 years of German security expertise for peace of mind that’s priceless
  • Premium customer support with dedicated phone and email

Each element works to reinforce the others

  • Scans for exploits and backdoors on your system to block vulnerabilities
  • Patches vulnerabilities with the latest software and driver updates
  • Defends your passwords – the weakest point in most people’s security

Better than your browser for storing passwords

Browser security is not enough because passwords are unencrypted and vulnerable. Password Manager is essential in keeping passwords securely encrypted, stored, and accessible. 

Does far more than Windows Update

Windows only updates your Windows software; not third-party apps. Internet Security updates all your software, apps and drivers automatically (if you choose) for complete peace of mind.

Save a bundle

Internet Security is an all-in-one solution, which costs 40% less than buying each product separately


Antivirus Pro


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Software Updater Pro


Avira Password Manager Pro Boxshot

Password Manager Pro


Avira Internet Security Boxshot

Internet Security

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Made in Germany.
Trusted by millions.

4.5/5 - Excellent

20,000+ Reviews

And trusted by the experts

Rating: 5 stars

„Avira is one of the best internet security software suites in terms of performance and protection”

Top 10 reviews

What’s inside?

The latest technologies

Blocks threats

Viruses, trojans, worms, keyloggers, etc.

Blocks Ransomware

Stops any attempt to alter, delete, or encrypt your personal files

Repairs files

Over 26 million repaired last year

Scans downloads

Scans music, photos, torrents, and files kept in the cloud

Blocks infected sites

Over 45 million blocked last year

Scans email attachments

Includes all mail clients (e.g. Outlook) and web-based services (e.g. Gmail)

Stops phishing attacks

Over 3.6 million blocked last year

Scans USB devices

Includes all removable devices such as memory sticks and external hard drives

Detects PUA

Finds hidden toolbars and bloatware in download packages that slow you down

Offers priority cloud scanning

Unique service that scans your files sooner for threats

Customer Support

Unlimited access via toll-free number and email

No ads

Just 100% protection

Software updates

Updates your software applications (over 150) from the source

All-in-One updates

Lets you select a list of apps you want to automatically update

Driver Updates

Updates all your drivers from the source.

OS Update

Automatically updates your operating system

Update scanner

Detects and notifies you of any outdated software on your PC

Early releases

Gives you access to the latest available updates, even early releases.

Manual updates

Includes secure download links to the latest versions on publishers' websites

No ads

Just 100% protection

1-click updates

Silently downloads and installs the latest version of your software

Customer Support

Unlimited access via toll-free number and email

Password Sync

Import, export, backup and sync all your passwords

Online dashboard

See all your password-protected accounts online

Password Generator

Create, store and manage all passwords

Account check

See any online account that may have been compromised in a security breach

Master Password access

Only one password to remember

Website check

Get alerted to any online account hosted on an unsafe website or if it doesn’t use the encrypted https protocol.


Attach notes & comments to online accounts

Password check

Analyzes your passwords and highlights weak, guessable ones or duplicate ones.


Get your passwords filled in for you

No ads

Just 100% protection

256-bit encryption

All your passwords are protected with bank-grade security

Customer Support

Unlimited access via toll-free number and email

Two-factor authentication

Get a PIN code sent to your phone when accessing the dashboard (optional)

System Requirements