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What is your IP address and why should you hide it?

Your home has an address which you can locate easily. So does your computer.


What is an IP address?

It’s your public ID on the internet. Your home has a street address and your computer has an internet protocol (IP) address. This is a string of numbers (made up of four values divided by periods: e.g. and it is assigned to every device connected to the internet. It’s a unique identifier—like a digital fingerprint—and allows a system to be recognized by other systems on the internet. 

What does it reveal about you?

Your IP address can give others more than just a number. It can also reveal…


Personal details: A search of your IP address in the WHOIS database, for example, could reveal your name, telephone number, or address. 

Your location: Details include your country, region, city, GPS coordinates, and telephone area code. Accuracy varies.

Your online activities: The information you shared, the websites you visited, the Wikipedia pages you edited… it’s an open door to your political opinions, interests, beliefs, and more. 

Your email address: If you sent emails while connected via this IP address, your email address is no secret either.    

Why should you hide it?

Hiding your IP address gives you more privacy online and prevents your personal information from being misused. 

Privacy: Whenever you access a website, the server you connect to logs more than your IP address: it learns about your browsing habits, your interests, and even how long you spend on a page. This data is then sold to advertisers who use it to tailor their ads… or who knows where your data could end up? 

Protection: With your IP, hackers can find out your location and identity to blackmail you or even steal your ID. They can use this information to make purchases and open accounts. 

How can you hide your IP address?

Phantom VPN for WindowsUse a virtual private network (VPN). It masks your IP address and encrypts communications between your device and the internet. All your data is routed via a VPN server, which is why you’re allocated a different IP address and none of your online activities can be traced back to you.

With a VPN, you’re free to surf anonymously and securely, away from hackers and snoops. Advertisers can’t track you either, so they’re unable to build a profile about you. You’re invisible, without the cloak…


    How does a VPN work?

    After your device and the server have verified each other as authentic, all incoming and outgoing traffic is routed through a secure tunnel and your data is encrypted. The result? No other users and services can trace you, as your device seems to have the IP address of the VPN server. And we really do mean no one: no spies, hackers, advertisers—in fact, not even your Internet Service Provider (ISP)–can monitor your online activities. Your privacy is secured!

    What are the other advantages of a VPN?

    It does so much more than hiding or changing your IP address.


    Safely use public WiFi

    Public WiFi (in restaurants, cafes, etc.) is unsafe as others in this network can access your data. Surfing with an active VPN connection encrypts all data received and sent, so you’re safe from hackers.

    Unblock websites

    By hiding your IP address, you can bypass regional censorship. So, if you’re abroad, choose a VPN server from home to watch your favorite show and beat geo-blocking! And gamers can play with the world!

    Evade tracking

    Advertisers track your IP address to send you targeted ads. Not with Phantom VPN! It assigns you a different IP addresses with every connection, and none of them can be traced back to you.

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