Avira Safe Shopping for Windows

The smart price comparison tool that’s on your side

  • Saves you 18% on average per deal and up to 40% on our top offers
  • Automatically finds coupons from your favorite stores
  • Protects you by scanning for untrustworthy sites
  • Works with all browsers
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See the latest bargains first

All the latest coupons on items you’re shopping for.

Join 2.5 million monthly active users who routinely save up to 40% on their online shopping. Safe Shopping finds relevant offers and discount coupons on items you’re shopping for – while you shop for them, and displays them in an easy-to-scan list.

Get the best price from over 30,000 retailers

Are you paying more than you should online? Most of us do – after all, big names like Amazon use complex pricing algorithms to maximize their profits. But Avira Safe Shopping is on your side, helping you save on average 18% per deal, and up to 40% on our top offers.

Find great alternatives

Compare what you’re looking for with similar items – Avira SafeShopping offers you deals on alternative products that can meet your needs or that are cheaper. 

Stay in complete control

Safe Shopping is fully configurable. So, for example, with all the amazing deals you’ve been finding, you might decide you need to keep give yourself a break from shopping for a while. And that’s no problem. Pause notifications for 12 hours, 24 hours, or even (perish the thought) forever, with just one click.


It’s currently available free as a Windows application to everyone in Germany, the UK and the United States, and is compatible with all browsers. You can browse for offers directly without downloading anything by visiting https://avirasafeshopping.com

As you browse products on popular shopping sites, Avira Safe Shopping scans thousands of pages to see if it can find a better deal elsewhere. If a better deal is available, you will see a "Better price found" message displayed.

Avira Safe Shopping captures information on specific shopping sites only. On those shopping sites the only data captured is the product name/model and its price. The shopping sites include Amazon, eBay, Google and many others (around 30,000 in total).

Avira takes online privacy extremely seriously. We do not capture purchase information. We do not create user profiles. We don’t capture or store any personally identifiable information about you. We only capture product name/model and price. To analyze the performance of the offers we look at all the offers made and which ones were more popular, but we do not record or know who clicked on them.

System Requirements

Your device is compatible

Windows 7 and later

The best way to bag big savings