Misinformation is a cybersecurity risk

With the pandemic raging and social unrest surging around the globe, wildly divergent platforms on science, human rights, immigration and more split political parties and populaces. There’s much at stake in these troubled times, and all eyes are on upcoming political elections that will determine nations’ policy directions.  But with so much at stake, people

To securely and sanely manage your new home office, it’s time to ask yourself a question: Are you in the first or second group of home workers? With the coronavirus/COVID-19 virus raging outside, there are two basic groupings of people working from inside their home bunkers. The first group is of people whose employers have

Cybersecurity threats in 2020: Insights from Avira’s Malware Threat Report

Avira’s Malware Threat Report for the first quarter of 2020 revealed an increase in phishing and spam campaigns, as well as Emotet-related attacks. Cybercriminals took advantage of the troubled global situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to spread malware in the form of trojans, worms, and file infectors. Cybersecurity threats in 2020 increased significantly as

Altering the information spread through mass media, whether intentionally (disinformation)...

Amazon stands for huge selection, fair prices and good...

Finding out that a company you’ve done business with has been hacked can be unnerving to say the least. Unfortunately, dozens of companies, including LinkedIn, Target, Uber, Bank of America, and Home Depot have experienced data breaches in the past few years. A quick internet search brings up countless questions, concerns, and complaints about data