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Are you being bombarded with ads when you browse? Is your device slower than it should be? You could be a victim of adware. Here’s how to do something about it—with our free Adware Cleaner.


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Adware. What is it and how do you get it?

It’s sneaky, annoying, and sometimes dangerous…


Adware shows annoying/infected ads

Adware stands for “advertising software”, a program that displays banner ads and pop-ups on your devices without your permission. Adware differs from normal ads in that:

  • Adware software has been installed without your knowledge and runs hidden in the background.
  • Adware manipulates the web browser to redirect you to external websites.
  • You are being tracked. Your online surfing and shopping behavior is being collected without your knowledge or consent. Goodbye privacy!

Spot adware symptoms

Is your browser suddenly misbehaving?

  • Ads sliding in or popping up (and no matter how often you click them away, they keep on coming)
  • Windows randomly opening
  • Webpages not displaying properly
  • New toolbars, extensions or plug-ins appear in your browse
  • Browser slows down and/or crashes

And it doesn’t matter which browser you use; adware affects them all equally. (It’s fair like that.)

Where adware lurks

There are generally two ways in which this unwelcome house guest moves in.

Via downloaded software

When you download freeware or shareware, adware is often included. This type of adware is annoying but doesn’t have malicious intent. 


Via infected websites

When you visit an infected site, adware is quietly installed on your device using hacker technology like trojans. 


Keyvisual Avira Browser Safety for Browser

Why should you use an Adware Cleaner?

These days, one in four virus attacks starts with an infected ad! Adware detection and removal is therefore an essential part of your defense strategy. It helps protect you from potentially malicious online advertisements, stops redirects to dangerous websites, and shields your privacy too.  

For comprehensive protection:

1. Install anti-virus/anti-malware software.

2. Be diligent about keeping that software updated.

Why choose the anti-adware tool from Avira?

It’s part of our award-winning Avira Free Security Suite, so it’s technology you can truly trust for more than just adware protection. Plus, it’s made in Germany and backed by our 30 years of expertise in protecting your digital world.



Prevention is better than a cure:

 It stops you from visiting malicious websites with phishing content and poisoned links. So, you’ll never land on a harmful website where cybercriminals could try to intercept the personal data you enter.

Privacy is a right:

We shield you from browser trackers, so advertising networks and other third parties can’t track you.

PUA is a no-no:

Avira Free Security Suite comes with a built-in PUA Shield that identifies potentially unwanted applications (PUA) hidden in legitimate software and recommends secure alternatives. So, you can download the software you want, without hidden adware.

Demand a distraction-free digital experience:

 The ad blocker prevents malicious ads, pop-ups, and banners from loading. 


Enjoy a multi-award-winner

We have received top awards for our protection, performance, and repair capabilities.

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