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Avira Antivirus Security

Rated 4.6 / 5

Free on Google Play

Avira Antivirus Security for Android, now with Free VPN.

Security, privacy, performance, and just 1 free app to rule them all.

  • Protects you from millions of mobile threats
  • Conceals your activities from advertisers, spies, and others
  • Frees up space and memory on your phone

Rated 4,6/5 on Google Play

Over 560,000 Ratings

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Now with free VPN

Surf anonymously, connect securely, even on public WiFi, and bypass censorship and firewalls to binge on any boxed set, anywhere. Our free VPN comes with a traffic limit of 100 MB/day. For unlimited data, consider Phantom VPN Pro.

This is what full-featured security looks like. Sorry, hackers.


#1 Antivirus protection

Blocks over 350,000 threats/ month, including ransomware.

Network Scanner

Detects all smart devices in your home network and scans them for vulnerabilities.


Give yourself a fighting chance of getting a stolen phone back.

Identity Safeguard

Get immediate alerts if your email is leaked in a data breach.

Web protection ᴾᴿᴼ

Block infected and phishing sites before they load.

Protect your privacy.

The tools below are hard at work preventing unauthorized access to the contents of your phone and your online activities.

Avira AppLock Screenshot
Avira Camera Protection Android Screenshot
Avira Microphone Protection Android Screenshot

Smart Scan

With just one tap, check your phone for threats and privacy risks.


Protects your sensitive apps with a PIN (chats, calls, Skype, etc.).

Camera protection ᴾᴿᴼ

Prevent unauthorized access to your camera

Microphone Protection ᴾᴿᴼ

Prevent unauthorized access to your microphone

Permissions Manager

Rates your apps based on how much data they collect about you.

Now speed up and clean out your phone.

Security sorted? Privacy protected? We’re not done yet…

Get more speed

Put the zip back in your chip: Optimize your app and system usage, increasing your browsing speed and  reducing lag.

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Free up memory

No more gaming lags or overheating, our RAM cleaner optimizes memory usage and shuts down unnecessary processes to enhance your phone's performance.

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Free up space

Clear your cache, junk files, and duplicate files on your phone and SD card

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Phone missing or stolen? Don’t panic. Antivirus for Android comes with powerful anti-theft tools.

Lost phone?

Pinpoint its location on a map

Misplaced phone?

Remotely trigger a loud yell to quickly find it

Unlocked Phone?

Prevent unauthorized access by locking it remotely

Stolen phone?

Protect your privacy by remotely wiping its contents

Found Phone

Help the person who finds your phone contact you with 1 tap

Remote Management

Trigger all your anti-theft features remotely on up tp 5 phones from your Avira dashboard

Trusted by over 20 million users worldwide.

4.6/5 - Great

560,000+ ratings

Unlock premium features with Antivirus Security Pro

Camera protection

Dance, nobody's watching - we prevent anyone from spying on you with your phone's camera.

Microphone protection

Sing, nobody's listening - we prevent anyone from listening on you via your phone's microphone.

Web Protection

Browse with confidence - Antivirus Security Pro blocks all infected and phishing websites for you.

Available via in-app purchase

Laptop, smartphone or tablet?

Secure all your devices with Avira


Discover Antivirus Profor Mac and Windows

System requirements

Your device is not compatible
Android 5 and later

Free all-in-one security app

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