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Avira Mobile Security

Rated 4.1 / 5

Free in the AppStore

Avira Free Mobile Security for iOS, now with free VPN.

Security, privacy, performance, and just 1 free app to rule them all.

  • Secures your connections on public WiFi
  • Detects smart devices in your home network
  • Prevents Siri from recording your conversations

Rated 4,1/5 on The App Store

Over 700 Ratings

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Now with free VPN

Securely and privately connect to public WiFi at hotels, airports, and cafes. Our free VPN comes with a traffic limit of 100 MB/day. For unlimited data, consider Phantom VPN Pro.

This is what full-featured security looks like. Sorry, hackers.


Helps you recover a lost or stolen iPhone or iPad

Network Scanner

Detects all smart devices in your home network.

iOS Updater

Easily keep your operating system up-to-date

Activity Report

Track your security status at a glance

"Avira Mobile Security is a versatile suite which uses multiple layers to protect you from web-based and other dangers.

Go grab a copy immediately."

Privacy has never been so convenient

Whether you’ve accidentally activated Siri to listen in or lost an important number… we’ve got you covered.

Avira Contacts Backup iOS Screenshot

Contacts Backup

Get all contacts sent to your email, Dropbox, or Google Drive

Call Blocker

Blocks calls from your blacklisted numbers.

Privacy Manager

Prevent Siri from accidentally recording your conversations

Activity report

Track your security status at a glance

Make the most of your phone

Your beautiful device deserves the deftest touch. Are any apps weighing it down? View your iPhone’s use of storage and memory with the Device Analyzer.

Phone missing or stolen? Avira Mobile Security comes with essential anti-theft tools.

Lost phone?

Pinpoint its location on a map

Misplaced phone?

Remotely trigger a loud yell to quickly find it

Remote Management

Trigger all your anti-theft features remotely on up tp 5 phones from your Avira dashboard

Unlock premium features with Mobile Security Pro

Web Protection

Safely shop: We check sites for threats.
Do you enter sensitive info like credit card details or passwords? Then Web Protection for Safari is for you: It lets you check the safety of any website you land on.

Leaked Email?

Millions of emails and login details are leaked every year in security breaches.
Mobile Security Pro alerts you in real time if your email gets leaked in a security breach.

Trusted by millions worldwide.

4.1/5 on the App Store

680 ratings

Laptop, smartphone or tablet?

Secure all your devices with Avira


Discover Antivirus Profor Mac and Windows

System requirements

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iOS 11 and later

Free in the App Store