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Your photos, emails and contacts are on your iPhone. We help you keep them safe.

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Avira security made in Germany
Store all your Cards and Passwords in Avira Vault
A secret storage for your Photos and Videos - Avira Vault
Avira Vault for iPhone - powered by Avira

Avira Vault – the privacy app for your data

Whereas Free Mobile Security gives you anti-theft tools, Avira Vault secures your private data – photos, videos, passwords and credit card details, by placing them behind a PIN-protected digital vault.

Check whether your email has been hacked

Between 5-10% of all emails are compromised. The all-new Identity Safeguard lets you check whether your email has been breached.

Locate your missing or stolen device

Avira Mobile Security helps reunite you with your missing iPhone by pinpointing its location on a map, triggering a loud yell and calling it from the Avira Dashboard. Up to 5 devices can be tracked this way.

A full-featured security app that's got your back!

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ID Safeguard

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