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Avira Prime Mobile for iOS

Premium mobile security for iPhone & iPad

  • Top protection from malware, phishing, and spam
  • Unlimited VPN traffic for secure and private browsing
  • Advanced privacy features and identity protection
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What's included in Prime Mobile?

The essential features for a safe and private digital life, plus optimization tools.

Smart Scan

Checks for protection, privacy, and performance issues with one tap.


Secures your online activities and helps you keep your data private. Enjoy unlimited data.

Robocall Protection

Blocks automatically scam and spam calls, protecting you from robocall scams.

password manager

Generates strong and unique passwords, and helps you log in automatically to your accounts.

Web Protection

Blocks access to malicious websites and protects you from phishing.

Identity Protection

Checks your email address for breaches and alerts you in real-time when breaches occur.

Privacy Manager

Keeps your Siri searches private and prevents data collection.

Anti-theft protection

Protects your data in case your device gets stolen, and allows you to control your device remotely.

network scanner

Scans your Wi-Fi network and shows all devices connected to it.

Photo cleaner

Finds and removes duplicate photos to free up storage space on your device.

Mobile security is a necessity.

If you think your iPhone and iPad are secure by default, think again. Mobile security breaches take many forms; cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities in apps and browsers to spread malware, or conduct phishing attacks. Avira's web protection blocks malicious websites and phishing attacks. With one quick smart scan, you can detect and solve any security, privacy, and performance issues.

Browse privately with unlimited VPN

Avira Prime Mobile includes unlimited VPN traffic for fully private and unrestricted browsing, with more than 1500 server locations around the world.


Enjoy robocall protection

Automatically blocks spam calls, scam calls, and any other unwanted calls.


Robocalls and spam calls are not only a waste of your time, but they can also trick you into giving away sensitive data.


The new robocall protection* feature powered by YouMail protects you by identifying and blocking spam and scam calls.

*Currently available only in the United States and Canada.


Prime Mobile at a glance
Prime Mobile is our high-end cybersecurity solution for iOS devices. You get all the benefits of our pro solution, plus unlimited VPN and our premium password manager.

Mobile Security Pro

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Prime Mobile

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Yearly subscription

Smart scan

Anti-theft protection

Web protection

iOS updater

Contacts backup

Identity protection

Network scanner

Privacy manager

Photo cleaner

Device analyzer


Call blocker

Robocall protection

Password Manager

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Mobile Security Pro

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Prime Mobile

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Want even more?

Enjoy the benefits of Prime on all your devices with our cross-platform solution: Avira Prime. 

Avira Prime is available for all platforms, including PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and web browsers. A single solution with everythign you need for a secure and private digital life.

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Privacy and security are rights, not privileges

Avira's mission is to protect people in the connected world, empowering them to take control over their digital lives.

Unlike most security vendors, we don't sell your data and never will. Nor do we share it with 3rd parties such as government, Big Tech or advertising networks.

Get premium mobile security for iOS