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Computer or mobile freezing or running slowly? It’s time to spring-clean those folders, disk, and hard drive—for free, with these optimization solutions from Avira. 


Avira Free System Speedup

Create a lean, mean speed machine

Keeping a PC in shape is as important as tuning your car’s engine. To rev up performance, regularly clear system clutter and delete all junk. Here are some top tips:

Perform a disk cleanup

Did you know that installations are messy? They leave behind temporary files that hog your system. Clear these and other junk files.

Clear out your hard drive

This leaves more space for the important files, like your holiday photos.

Perform a registry repair

Get rid of the errors that cause freezes and slow down your startups.

Empty your recycle bin

You don’t need this trash! Plus, trash files may contain viruses that can infect your computer if you don’t  remove them quickly.

Here’s how to clean junk files with Avira

System Speedup for Windows

Your Windows laptop or PC accumulates a ton of data every day. Avira helps you stay on top of it.

1-click maintenance: Gets rid of junk instantly in all key areas for more disk space and more stable performance.

Cleans your browser and disk: Removes the traces left behind from your programs, browser, and Windows, and deletes cache files.

Clears out your registry: Fixes your registry as part of routine maintenance to prevent program crashes and error messages. Your registry is critical to the performance of Windows after all…

Avira Free Mac Optimizer Screenshot

Optimizer for Mac

Fire up the app, do a scan, and see it remove the clutter that’s slowing you down.

Does a spring clean: The Junk File Cleaner deletes unnecessary files and browser junk. The Duplicate Finder clears copies of photos and other files.

Gets rid of monsters and dinosaurs: It spots XL and old files that are hogging your resources.

Speeds up start times. Helps you speed up by around 25%, as it limits the number of tasks performed while Windows loads.

Optimizer for Android

Because even an older Android deserves the best tune-up.

Cleans up fast: Clears your cache junk and duplicate files on your phone and SD card for a feather-light, speedier experience.

Frees up memory: Says goodbye to “No more memory” pop-ups by cleaning up junk and unwanted files.

Erases history: Relieves you of the burdens of your past by clearing your browser history, call logs, text messages, and clipboard data.

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