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Enhance your digital life with a versatile package combining online protection, software updater, performance tools, and a VPN.

Antivirus Protection

Securely shop, surf, and bank


Prevents ransomware from encrypting your data.

Device controlnew!

Gives you control over which USB devices can connect.

Real-time protection

#1 in detection of malware and PUA

Secure surfing

Blocks phishing and infected sites

Data and identity protection

Secures your banking and shopping

Secure home network

Firewall Manager means hackers and botnets don't stand a chance

Next-gen AI

Powerful, cloud-based AI that stops emerging threats in real time

Software Updater

Prevent gaps in your security



Updates automatically

Silently updates programs, drivers, and operating systems



Patches vulnerabilities

Protects you from exploits



Enhances performance

Optimizes software and adds new features



Improves system stability

Ensures that your hardware runs more efficiently



Puts you first in line

Gives you earliest access to new updates



PC speed & tune-up tools

Rediscover what a fast PC feels like



Faster PC

Accelerates startups and reduces time lags



Peak performance

Optimizes processes and deep-cleans your PC



Extra space and memory

Removes junk files and frees up live memory



Data privacy

Cleans your browser data and shreds files permanently



Longer battery life

Disables unnecessary services to save power



File encryption

Password-protect your confidential files



Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Surf privately, without geo-restrictions



Encrypted traffic

Secures your communications



Secure WiFi

Protects you on public hotspots



Anonymized activities

Masks your IP address



Open web

Bypasses geo-restricted content




Available for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Chrome




Blocks Internet traffic if VPN connection drops



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