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Did you realize these were draining your battery?

No battery is unlimited, but you can extend its life span by making smart battery-saving choices. Consider these:

Screen brightness

The brighter your screen, the more power it’s zapping. Switch on Auto-Brightness to naturally adjust your screen depending on your surroundings.

App culprits

Some apps drain your battery faster. See your battery usage settings and close power-hungry apps when you’re not using them.


Updating software is a battery-draining task best avoided when you’re running low.

Constant push notifications

Instagram, Facebook… if you don’t need to check the status of something continuously, switch it off.

Your location

Google and loads of other apps are continuously tracking where you are and draining your battery in the process.

Optimizer for Android (FREE!)

Gain vital insight into what’s draining the battery of your Android phone or tablet, and act on it fast.

The usual suspects: Shows you how many resources each app consumes and lets you uninstall the worst offenders fast.

Emergency response: Battery and emergency modes start automatically when the battery life drops below 20% and 15% respectively.

For advanced power-saving, consider Optimizer Pro: Build your own profiles that change your settings to prioritize the features you need and deactivate the features and apps you don’t. Adjust screen brightness; disable location services, Wi-Fi, and more.Enjoy an ad-free experience

System Speedup for Windows

Whether you need more time on the road or more power to perform CPU-intensive tasks, these Pro-only features have got your back.

Energy Saver: Extends battery life when you need it most.

Power Boost: Gives you access to maximum power for demanding tasks.

Windows Mode: Manages energy usage and performance with a Microsoft power mode.


TIP! Our Free System Speedup is packed with tools to clean up and speed up your PC. But if it’s a longer battery life you’re after, too, it pays to go Pro.

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