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Get wider umbrella coverage with Avira at RSA

Avira expands its third-party tools and platforms for OEMs and service providers.

RSA Conference, San Francisco, February 29 - March 4, 2016

Avira is expanding its global presence thanks to a widening product portfolio, the licensing of its security technology to OEM clients, and the rollout of its customized service for launching and provisioning applications.

“We already service hundreds of millions of users globally through our consumer apps which requires us to build high quality and scalable solutions. By opening up our technologies as sdk’s, api’s, and platforms, we enable others to build additional products and services, leveraging our infrastructure and best-in-class technologies,” said Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira.

The Avira product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of security software for Windows PCs, Apple products, and Android devices. One of the latest additions is the Avira Scout – now in an advanced beta stage – a browser with baked-in security and data protection features. Additional applications for Android and Window will be launched in the first half of 2016.

Avira’s expertise in AI and malware detection has been distilled into our Secure Antivirus API and the Avira Protection Cloud. These technologies are being integrated under the hood for an expanding list of OEM clients that includes security providers and hardware developers. More news on the successful integration of the Avira API by blue-chip OEM clients will be released during RSA.

The Avira Provider is our co-branded launcher for provisioning apps to the end user. The Avira Provider enhances our clients’ ability to distribute, activate, and manage product installations across all device platforms, including PCs, Android, and Apple devices. Provider clients include ISPs, OEMs, and Service Providers.

For a closer look at how Avira third-party tools and platforms are redefining the secure user experience, visit the Avira booth in the German Pavilion at 4020/22.

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