Snowden recommends using a VPN to maintain online anonymity

Many Avira customers are already following this recommendation. Here’s why you should join them.

Surfing the net is fun, informative, and useful. But whenever you use a search engine, visit a shopping site, or stream your favorite movie, important information about you, your location, and your online activities is exposed. This information is gathered and used by advertisers, search engines, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) usually without your knowledge.

If you’d like to stop others from watching and gathering data on what you do, a VPN is essential.

    Why Snowden is right

    Whatever you do online, keep it between you and your device.

    What are you revealing?

    Whenever you go online, you broadcast a wealth of personal data to the world—including your unique Internet Protocol (IP) address.


    Personal details: A search of your IP address in the WHOIS database for example, could reveal your name, telephone number, or address. 


    Your location: Details include your country, region, city, GPS coordinates, and telephone area code. Accuracy varies.


    Your online activities: The information you shared, the websites you visited, the Wikipedia pages you edited… they’re open doors to your political opinions, interests, beliefs, and more. 

    Your email address: If you sent emails while connected via this IP address, your email address is no secret either.  

    How VPNs work

    A VPN connection encrypts any data you transmit to a website and uses virtual locations across the world to hide your real IP address. Your online activity is anonymized automatically—without affecting your internet speed—to protect your identity online.


    Avira Phantom VPN uses leading data encryption (AES-256) together with over 38 global server locations to give you the most secure and reliable VPN service available.


    Did you know? 74% of Americans have limited their online activities due to privacy concerns.*


    *VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats for 2018, vpnmentor

    Why use VPNs?

    A VPN hides your IP address so you can browse anonymously for more privacy online. It also prevents your personal information from being misused.


    Keep control of your personal data online

    VPN prevents tracking via your IP address, so advertisers and large corporations do not develop a profile of you based on your online activities. You’re in charge of what you share!


    Protect yourself from snoops and cybercriminals

    A VPN encrypts both incoming and outgoing traffic to the internet. Your ISP won’t be able to trace the websites you visit. Hackers can’t steal your information, even on a pubic WiFi network.


    Save on internet shopping

    A VPN masks your true location. You won’t be subject to adverse pricing policies on, for example, air fares or hotel bookings, based on where you are. Plus, your banking and credit card details are encrypted and secure so you can pay safely, too. 

    Can incognito browsing replace a VPN?

    No. A VPN offers a level of encryption and privacy that your incognito browser does not. 

    Although an incognito browser won’t show a history of the websites you’ve visited, or store cookies on your machine, that’s not the full story. Your ISP, advertisers, and search engines can still track your online activity! One of the few search engines we recommend that doesn’t track users is However, even this can’t match the full privacy protection of Avira Phantom VPN.

    What’s the difference between a proxy and a VPN?

    You may have heard of proxies as a means of accessing blocked websites. And although they are similar, proxies are essentially the unsecured version of VPNs: They give you an alternative IP address, so you can mask your location and access geo-blocked content. But they don’t offer encryption for your communications. Furthermore, proxies only work with compatible programs, so they are limited in their application—particularly on mobile devices. In short, only a VPN offers security, encryption, and anonymity for users.

    What are the other advantages of a VPN?

    It’s a global ticket to greater online safety and freedom!

    Safely use public WiFi

    Public WiFi (in restaurants, cafes, etc.) is unsafe as others in this network can access your data. Surfing with an active VPN connection encrypts all data received and sent, so you’re safe from hackers.

    Unblock websites

    By hiding your IP address, you can bypass regional censorship. So, if you’re abroad, choose a VPN server from home to watch your favorite show and beat geo-blocking! And gamers can play with the world!

    Evade tracking

    Advertisers track your IP address to send you targeted ads. Not with Phantom VPN! It assigns you a different IP addresses with every connection, and none of them can be traced back to you.

    Why browse anonymously with Avira?

    It’s so easy with our free Phantom VPN! Here’s what makes it the trusted choice:

    Rated one of the top free VPNs in the world

    ✔ Reliably prevents your IP address from being leaked, ensuring that no one, not even your ISP, can see what websites you visit.

    ✔ Fast, safe, and keeps no logs of your activity.

    ✔ Gives you access to 38 server locations around the globe—with just 2 clicks—so no one knows where you really are.

    ✔ Works on any device for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac—there’s also a free browser plugin for Chrome!

    ✔ Part of a multi-award-winning software portfolio from a trusted German security leader, with 30 years of experience.

    Plus, it’s free!

    Made in Germany.
    Downloaded by millions.

    4.5/5 - Excellent

    19,000+ reviews

    Surf anonymously—download now.

    Shield your privacy and be anonymous on all your devices.


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