Virtual Private Networks demystified at last

VPNs are becoming increasingly important – what are they and how can they help you? 

ISPs. IP address. Geo-blocking. These are all terms you may have encountered in the context of reading about a virtual private network. This short introduction to VPNs helps make sense of VPNs and explains how they can make your life better.

    What is a VPN? 

    Phantom VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and a remote VPN server operated by Avira. After client and server have verified each other as authentic, all incoming and outgoing traffic is routed through that tunnel and your data is encrypted.

    How does a Virtual Private Network work? 

    Data is uploaded from your device to the VPN server and exits the public internet. Other users and services cannot trace you as your device seems to have the IP address of the VPN server. Because of this, even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot monitor your online activities and your privacy is secured.

    3 reasons to use a VPN 

    Using a VPN has several advantages for different use cases and empowers people like movie lovers, globetrotters, gamers and security-aware users.

    1. Safely surf on public WiFi and bank online

    Surfing online is inherently insecure, especially when connected to a public WiFi network. The reason: other people in this network can access and steal your data. Surf with an active VPN connection to encrypt all the data received and sent and protect yourself from hackers. This way your passwords and personal data are safe. The encryption feature is important when you connect to WiFi in a restaurant, cafe, hotel, the airport, or any other public network.

    2. Hide your digital traces

    While surfing, you leave traces and companies track your activities for targeted advertising or to collect and sell information about you. Establish a free VPN connection to surf anonymously online, protect your privacy, and prevent advertisers from targeting you. The IP address of your device is hidden and others cannot monitor your activities.

    3. Bypass restrictions and Firewalls

    By picking one of 38 server locations worldwide and hiding your real IP address, you can bypass regional censorship (geo-blocking). For example, choose a VPN server in the UK to watch a British TV show you like and beat regional censorship. This feature also enables gamers to beat restricted gaming servers and play against competitors around the world. By choosing a VPN server from one of 38 server locations worldwide, you appear to be in a different virtual location and can:

    • listen to music without restrictions
    • watch TV shows and films from anywhere
    • access censored social media networks and
    • check for better deals like cheaper air tickets

    Why choose the free VPN from Avira? 

    Phantom VPN from Avira is one of the top free VPNs worldwide. Avira does not track your internet usage, meaning your web use is kept safe from ISPs, advertisers and online snoops. With servers around the world, you can bypass restricted content and censored websites with the free VPN download. Avira is one of the most trusted software brands in the world and has a 30-year history of ensuring privacy and security for their customers.

    One out of four people are using a VPN globally, mostly to access entertainment content and browse anonymously.
    *VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats for 2018, vpnmentor

    Free VPN for all devices 

    Use Phantom VPN simultaneously on all your devices. The gratis VPN works with Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. A new feature is the browser plugin for free, fast VPN, available exclusively with Chrome. Install the software on your PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

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    Download Avira Phantom VPN

    Encrypts your connection via a VPN proxy server, hides your IP address and bypasses geo-restrictions

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