Known in the early days of the internet as “software robots”, bots are software applications that perform automated tasks. The internet as we know it today has been shaped by bots. Good bots vs. bad bots Web crawlers or spiders browse web pages and index content so that search engines can provide relevant results for our searches. Chatbots are programmed to interact with us in real-time to provide information. Game bots act as players in multi-player online games to make it more entertaining. Some bots even get

Altering the information spread through mass media, whether intentionally (disinformation) or unintentionally (misinformation), is not a new practice. However, misinformation and disinformation have been fueled by digital technologies in the past decades, thanks to the rapid growth of digital media, online news outlets, and social networks. The spread of fake news online has become a major issue. Tech is catching up and new tools for identifying fake news are being developed. Besides, there are