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< BackWednesday, March 11, 2020

Avira’s entire global workforce to work from home in preventative anti-COVID-19 move

As a precautionary step, Avira, the German security developer, will be closing all of its physical offices around the world as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19). All staff have now been set up to work from home, and as a consequence Avira anticipates zero negative impact on the company’s operations, customer service and product development as the situation develops.

“We are making this preventative move as a matter of safety to the general public and our own employees,” said Travis Witteveen, CEO at Avira. “By shifting to remote home offices now, and cancelling all company travel, we are making sure that Avira will not inadvertently accelerate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In addition, this move ensures we will be fully positioned to continually provide our full range of security services, if or when the outbreak becomes more severe. In fact, we will be working even harder to ensure that our customers will be able to receive vital information and be protected from related online threats in this worrying time.”

Avira will continue to provide all users with their full range of security software and services, delivering on its mission of protecting people in the connected world. Customers will be able to access all of Avira’s goods and services knowing that the company is prepared for any eventuality. Avira believes that this is more critical than ever, with new scams and disinformation linked with COVID-19 emerging daily.

The move is also designed to support health authorities’ efforts in individual countries such as Germany, Romania, and the United States to stop the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. Avira has taken this important step, although there are no known cases of an Avira employee or their family members being either infected by the virus.

“Avira has actively been preparing for this scenario, and is well prepared with regards to its technological infrastructure to support its entire workforce of 400+ employees in working remotely,” added Avira CTO Matthias Ollig. “We benefit from a pre-existing working culture that accommodates home office work and flexible hours. We have always leveraged the latest cloud technology and our workforce are accustomed to being able to collaborate remotely. For our customers, this should be a positive and reassuring development.”

Company offices will be closed from March 12 through and including March 22 or until further notice.

CEO, Travis Witteveen is available for comment if required.


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