Avira is a German family owned company founded over 30 years ago in 1986 with the focus “protecting people in a connected world”.

As a German company Avira follows the strict German and European legal requirements concerning Compliance with the Applicable laws especially Data Protection Requirements according to the GDPR. Please find our privacy guidelines here (please add link to privacy guideline).

Avira does not disclose private keys or any information on their users and takes full control of their infrastructure. Avira believes in full transparency and protection of customers` privacy”.

Transparency Report

Here is the summary of the number of requests for User information from law enforcement agencies:

Year Product Number of requests for user information Number of disclosures of user information
2018 Avira Phantom VPN 13 0

Avira Warrant Canary

Here is our statement.

Avira has not

  • received any National Security letters;
  • received any gag orders;
  • has not received any warrants from any government organization

up to now.