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The free and easy vulnerability scanner for your smart home’s network

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Identifies all connected devices on
your network


Identifies all devices that pose a
security risk


We make recommendations on to fix each vulnerability

Your home is smarter than you think

You don’t need a smart fridge to have a smart home. Whether it’s tracking your steps with wearable devices, watching a show on your smart TV, or monitoring your newborn on a BabyCam, your home is already smart. But is it safe? 


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The insecurity of things

Who connects to your home network? Are your devices secure, and if not, what can you do about it? Many devices are vulnerable to external access and control, which puts your privacy at risk. Home Guard helps keep you safe by identifying ways hackers can hijack your smart devices.

Threats Home Guard protects you from

Intruders in your network?

Are neighbors freeloading on your Wi-Fi and slowing you down? Home Guard regularly scans your network, mapping all connected devices, noting new ones, and storing previously detected devices in your dashboard.

Is your microwave spying on you?

Microwaves can’t – but other appliances can. So for your security, Home Guard scans all detected devices for security flaws, notably open ports, which could be used to spy on you.

A device has gone rogue. Now what?

For every vulnerability detected, Home Guard gives you practical advice on how to fix the security flaw and secure your smart-home network.

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System Requirements

Your device is compatible
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Android 5.0 or later

Scan your home network for vulnerabilities