Avira Vault for iPhone

Keep your personal photos, videos and passwords private by locking them behind a digital vault.

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Store all your Cards and Passwords in Avira Vault
A secret storage for your Photos and Videos - Avira Vault
Avira Vault for iPhone - powered by Avira

A private corner in today's open world

Vault lets you share only what you want to share, and keep the rest – pictures, passwords and credit card info – secure and private.

Secure photos & videos - no pictures
Secure photos & videos - account status
Secure photos & videos - upload files

Keep those confidential, revealing or embarrassing photos in a separate, secure vault. If you use iCloud, Avira Vault lets you encrypt your photos before uploading, which protects your privacy in the event of hack attacks and data leaks.

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Secure photos & videos - credit cards
Secure credit cards - scan card
Secure photos & videos - manual add card

Your phone is a ‘digital wallet’, so why keep confidential data in your Camera Roll or Notes app? Avira helps you secure your credit card details against prying eyes: just scan and securely store them in your digital vault.

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Secure passwords - passwords saved
Secure passwords - password details

Your passwords are the gateways to your email, bank and social media accounts. So, you need to protect them – not just store them. By entering your passwords in Avira Vault, your details are securely stored and protected against hackers and snoops.

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A secure and private browser

Vault also includes our web browser, Avira Scout for iOS. Not only does it block infected websites, but it also protects your privacy by operating in incognito mode. This way, anyone with access to your phone won’t be able to see what you did online.

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Avira Scout for iOS screenshot

Our core security features

  • Secure

    All files stored in your app are accessible only with a secure PIN.

  • iCloud

    Before uploading to the cloud, encrypt your confidential data.

  • Authentication

    Open the vault with your fingerprint, pattern or PIN.

  • Decoy

    Create a duplicate account with a separate PIN code to fool nosy snoops.

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Avira Vault Pro

Our premium version takes your security and privacy a step further

Avira Vault Pro - Premium features
  • Unlimited storage space

    (The free version has a limit of 30 files)

  • Unlimited credit cards and passwords

    (The free version lets you store 1 credit card and 3 passwords)

  • Encryption of backed up data

    (This feature is only available in Pro)

  • Decoy Account

    (This feature is only available in Pro)

  • Login with PIN, pattern or touch ID

    (Biometrics and pattern authentication in Pro only)

Go Pro for €4.49 only