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Share your Android without giving access to your calls, messages or financials. Our free app locker lets you easily protect your privacy by requiring a PIN code to access confidential apps of your choosing, such as Whatsapp, Skype or Facebook.

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Your phone. Your AppLock+. Your rules. FREE

Share your phone but not your files, your photos but not your financials. Avira AppLock+ lets you keep control of your Android – even when it’s out of your hands.

Share on your own terms with Pass Lock FREE

When lending your phone to colleagues, or showing pictures to friends, you can’t always control where they look next. But with AppLock+, you can restrict what they see. Simply lock individual apps or group them together and grant access, for example, to your notes but not your personal communications, social media accounts, or browsing history.

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Smart parental controls with a soft touch

AppLock+ helps you set healthy limits on your kids’ smartphone usage without being intrusive. Easily restrict purchases, new downloads, system setting changes, and app uninstallations. With the premium version, you can even block games while your kids are at school, or set time spans when it’s okay to access Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Select an app to lock
Select a group of apps to lock
Lock Social Media apps

Lock based on time and place PREMIUM

Simplify your life by getting your apps to automatically lock and unlock for you.

Schedule Lock - overview
Schedule Lock - set time and date
Schedule Lock - set hour

Schedule Lock for €1.49

Available as an in-app purchase

Automatically lock apps at a given time, for instance, on workdays between 9AM to 6PM. Ideal for keeping your kids off Facebook Messenger while in class or keeping Pinterest from distracting you while at work.

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Geo Lock - search for a place
Geo Lock - view location
Geo Lock - settings

Geo Lock for €1.49

Available as an in-app purchase

Automatically lock apps at a given location. Just enter the address on the map and determine a radius of 1-10 km around it to establish the “safe zone”. Within it, your selected apps will be locked.

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Schedule lock and Geo lock

Both Geo and Schedule Lock for €2.49

Available as an in-app purchase

Save on both premium features – Geo Lock and Schedule Lock, by getting them together as a bundle – offer redeemable from within the app.

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