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81% of all data theft is caused by
weak or stolen passwords.
Avira Password Manager prevents this.


Avira Password Manager Dashboard Avira Password Manager Dashboard

The simplest password manager

With Avira Password Manager, organize your private and professional life with ease.

Benefit from our 30 years of experience in the security field.
And as a German company, we adhere to the highest norms of data privacy.

Remember only
one password

One master password is all you need. With it, you’ll have access to all other passwords which are securely stored with military-grade encryption (AES-256).

Intuitively store your
passwords and notes

Save your passwords while surfing. You can also create notes—either to comment about particular logins or simply to record thoughts and access them on all your devices.

Log in easily
and automatically

Avoid tedious and repetitious typing of login details: Password Manager automatically fills out all your info for you.

Create unhackable

Our Password Manager generates and stores unique passwords for your accounts, protecting you against identity theft.

Weak or stolen passwords are the cause of 81% of data attacks*

Secure and unique passwords are your best protection against data attacks. Avira Password Manager can take care of this for you – automatically!


Multiple devices? No problem.

Avira Password Manager works across multiple operating systems.

No more struggling to create new passwords or hours of resetting your old ones. Avira Password Manager is available as a web dashboard and as a mobile app. The web dashboard is complemented by a browser extension where you can automatically save and store passwords easily.

Download the Android app from the Google Play Store

Equip your phone with a secure vault, password generator, and autofill functionality, all rolled into one. For your convenience, you can even sync passwords between laptops and smartphones.

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Available for iPhone and iPad from the iOS App Store

Our mobile app leverages Apple’s Touch ID technology, enabling you to easily log in to all your accounts using just your fingerprint.
And the new Avira Password Manager keyboard makes it even simpler to log in to websites on your mobile devices.

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Convenient to use and so easy to access

PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad…enjoy the freedom to access your passwords from any device: Avira Password Manager is available as an online dashboard ( or smartphone app. The dashboard works in conjunction with the Avira browser extension you use to save your passwords automatically.



The online dashboard is your single view of all your passwords. Create and add new passwords or edit existing ones with ease. You can also import passwords from other password managers. Simply use the browser extension if you’d like to enjoy full autofill.

Browser extension

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera

It’s even easier with our browser extension: it stores your passwords while you surf and adds any login data you saved previously. The browser extension is currently available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

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extension for this browser
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NEW Extra protection for your online
accounts and passwords

Password Manager Pro lets you view your security status. You can instantly see if your accounts or passwords have been compromised, and take steps to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.

Account check

Has one of your online accounts been hacked? See your security status in a notification if your data is circulating on the internet or has been stolen during a cyber-attack.

Website check

Some of the websites you’re registered for may be unsafe! The security status checks whether the website holds an HTTPS certificate, meaning that all communications between your browser and that website are encrypted for your safety.

Password check

The security status analyzes your existing passwords and notifies you of weak or duplicate ones to help strengthen your protection.

Your digital life. Your choice.

For the ultimate in safety & convenience,
treat yourself to Pro.

Create unhackable passwords

Generates strong, unique passwords for you.

Create password tags

Keeps passwords organized with tags and reduces the overview of your passwords and notes.

Remember only 1 password

Lets you access all your passwords via 1 master password, which is all you need to remember.

Safely store your passwords and notes

Securely stores your passwords and notes with military-grade encryption (AES-256) and in line with German data protection standards.

Log in easily and automatically

Automatically fills in your details when you log in to your online accounts.

Access passwords on all devices

Works across multiple devices and operating systems.

Change weak or reused passwords

Security Status analyzes your existing passwords and notifies you of weak or duplicate ones.


Find out if an account has been hacked

Sends notifications if your data has been breached.


Avoid dangerous websites

Checks the security status of websites you’re registered on and notifies you if they’re unsafe.



  • What is Avira Password Manager?

    Our Avira Password Manager remembers all your passwords so you don’t have to. They’re stored securely in a digital vault and synced across all your devices. Rest assured that no-one apart from you (not even Avira) has access to your passwords. You also have the possibility to save notes to passwords or create stand-alone notes. Any idea you want to save securely can be stored inside Password Manager.

  • Why should I use Password Manager from Avira?

    We combine convenience and security in one single solution. On the one side, you are able to enter websites and apps with one single click or generate unique and strong passwords within seconds for all your accounts. On the other side, your passwords are highly secured – much like online banking. Furthermore, we’re award-winning security specialists with a proud 30-year history. Over 100 million satisfied customers worldwide trust Avira to keep their digital lives and data safer. Our software is German engineered and your data is stored in Germany – in accordance with all EU legislation of course.

  • What does Avira Password Manager cost?

    Avira Password Manager offers a free and a pro version. You decide what feature set is more relevant for you and what you need. All basic functionalities like generating passwords, auto-fill on webpages, secure notes or sync across devices will naturally be preserved in the free version. For the pro version, we offer you even more security with a security status feature. You can check if your online accounts have been hacked, if the websites you’re registered on are safe or if your passwords are weak or even reused. Please keep in mind, that we offer the Security Status feature currently only for the Dashboard version on your PC.

  • How safe is Password Manager?

    Your data is encrypted with your Master Password and can only be decrypted using this single password. To ensure that only you have access to your data, even Avira does not know your master password. For extra security you can enable 2-Factor authentication for your account.

  • Getting started: How do I use Avira Password Manager?

    Password Manager can be used on all conventional platforms. There is also a smartphone app for iOS and Android as well as a browser extension for desktops.

    Whether you want to use the online dashboard, browser extension, and/or app, you’ll need an Avira account to use Password Manager. We recommend registering for free via the online dashboard at You’ll then be prompted to create a Master Password which you should never forget as access to your account can’t be restored without incurring loss of data. Add our browser extension inside the settings. To access all product features, we recommend using the online dashboard in conjunction with the browser extension for the autofill functionality. The extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

    For the smartphone app you can simply login with the same credentials as you used before for the online dashboard or, if not yet registered, create an Avira account and set a master password inside the app. The smartphone app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store is ideal for convenient access to your data on the go. For those iPhone users who are using iOS 12 or Android O (“Oreo”) and P (“Pie”) the autofill function on mobile devices is now greatly enhanced. Simple logins on websites and apps with the touch of a button.

  • What does the online dashboard and browser extension offer?

    After registering, you can save all your passwords and notes. Use the online dashboard to easily create, add, change, and import new passwords, create and manage notes or visit the security status to check your online security. If you’re only using the online dashboard without the extension, you’ll need to manually type in every password or import them from the password management system you’ve previously been using. Using the browser extension in conjunction with the Dashboard makes life simpler. The browser extension offers you to save your passwords while you surf online and enters your login details automatically as soon as you want to sign in on a webpage.

  • Where are my password stored and how does Avira keep them safe?

    Your data is stored locally on your device. It is also backed up to our server cloud automatically unless you choose to turn off the default Backup & Synchronization setting. Storing data in our cloud has two key benefits: Data is always accessible from multiple devices and is regularly backed up to keep it safe. All data in our cloud is encrypted and only accessible via your Master Password. Please note that Avira has no access to your data! We therefore recommend keeping the Backup & Synchronization setting switched on for maximum security and ease of use.

  • How do I import data from other password management systems?

    Most password managers allow you to export decrypted data in a CSV format. This can then be imported into Avira Password Manager. Please see “Settings > Import data”. We recommend deleting or storing all unencrypted data securely after it’s been successfully imported.

    Some browsers let you export saved passwords. For example: In Google Chrome (Version 66) use the export tool to export passwords from Google Chrome and then import them into Avira Password Manager.Follow these steps:

    • Go to “Settings” inside the Chrome browser.
    • Click on “Passwords” and then the three dots with “More actions”.
    • Select “Export passwords”.
    • Save the file and go to “Settings” in your Password Manager Dashboard. Select “Import data” to select the file and then follow the instructions.
  • What if I lose a device on which Password Manager is installed?

    To prevent your passwords from falling into the wrong hands, we recommend activating the Auto-Lock function. This locks all your passwords and notes after a set period of time, which will then only be accessible with your master password. And with our online dashboard, you can disconnect the lost or stolen device, preventing anyone from accessing your Avira Password Manager.

  • What should I bear in mind when creating my master password?

    Your master password is used to encrypt your data. For the best protection, choose a strong password. Your password is tested for strength when you create it and you’ll receive useful tips and help. When creating your Master Password, we recommend:

    • Choosing a password that is both long and memorable
    • Never using a password that you are already using elsewhere
    • Avoiding all data that can be associated with you. For example: Your name, DOB, names of family members and pets, car registrations, etc.
  • I forgot my Master Password – what now?

    You have two options:

    You are still logged in with a mobile device with biometrics:
    If you are still logged in on your mobile device and have Fingerprint, Touch ID or Face ID activated you can set a new master password on your mobile without losing your data. To do so, please go to settings and select: Change Master Password and follow the flow of the user interface.

    You are not logged in with a mobile device:
    As Avira does not know your master password and therefore does not have access to your data, there is no possibility to restore access to your data. You have the option to reset your account and set a new master password, but this will erase all your existing data. To do so, when prompted to enter the master password click the “reset account” link at the bottom and follow the further instructions.

  • I no longer want to use Password Manager. How do I delete my account?

    We’ll be disappointed to see you go! Before you delete your account, we recommend exporting your data. To delete your account and all the data held within Avira Password Manager, please follow these steps: In the online dashboard, under “Settings” click “Delete Avira Password Manager data”. Then uninstall the Password Manager browser extension from all your browsers. Also delete the Avira Password Manager app from all your mobile phones and tablets. Your Avira account will still remain. If you choose, you can delete your Avira account at If you were unhappy with anything, we’re always grateful for feedback as it allows us to improve our products. Thank you!

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