Avira Virus Lab

No. Name Type Impact Added on
1 X2000M/Agent.91364890 Malware Dec 22, 2016
2 X2000M/Agent.21870 Malware Dec 9, 2016
3 X2000M/Agent.8965221 Malware Dec 7, 2016
4 X2000M/Dldr.Agent.AM.21710 Malware Dec 6, 2016
5 X97M/Agent.kdf Malware Nov 16, 2015

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If you encountered a suspicious file or website that’s not in our database, we’ll analyze it and determine whether it’s harmful. Our findings are then pushed out to our millions of users with their next virus database update. If you have Avira, you’ll get that update too. Don’t have Avira? Get it on our homepage.