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  • Prevent companies from collecting your personal data
  • Clean up your device’s digital footprint
  • Shred confidential files beyond recovery
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How much does your PC know?

Privacy doesn’t come as standard with Windows. Depending on your settings, your PC can send private data to Microsoft and other software vendors, including:

Where you are

Microsoft 10 tracks your geo-location, which it might use to show you ads of nearby stores and restaurants.

What you look for

Your Cortana voice commands and browser search requests might be collected as well.

What files you access

All the songs, films, and videos you’ve played might be used to build a picture of who you are and what you like.

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Manage your privacy quickly, simply, and effectively

Imagine how long it would take to manually fix over 200 privacy issues on your PC – even if you could find them all. Privacy Pal can do it for you automatically by selecting any of 3 user profiles. Each profile comes with a unique balance of privacy and convenience. They're free and easy to use.

Privacy Pal’s basic setting: No Ads

Microsoft stores your personal data to allow firms to create more targeted ads. Privacy Pal’s basic privacy setting prevents this by automatically:

  • Disabling your advertising ID tracker
  • Switching off pop-ups in the Microsoft Store and Explorer page
  • Turning off Bluetooth advertising

Privacy Pal’s enhanced setting: Control your apps

Pre-installed and download apps from the Windows store can often access sensitive areas like your camera, microphone, emails, messages, location and account details. Privacy Pal’s enhanced setting also:

  • Gives you control over what info each app can collect
  • Removes chat logs, notably from Skype, preventing Microsoft from keeping a history of your private chats and calls.

Privacy Pal’s personalized setting: Data harvesting

By default, your PC sends Microsoft data on your location, browsing history, contacts and calendar records. If you use Cortana your voice and typed commands may also be sent to the cloud. This setting lets you:

  • Control what Microsoft knows
  • Prevent Cortana from collecting your voice commands

See your privacy status at a glance

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Take a peek at the dashboard and you'll immediately notice state-of-the-art comfort and simplicity with your privacy status and score at a glance


Simply deleting files leaves traces: Our integrated file shredder lets you securely delete your files beyond recovery.

Wipe your digital traces clean

See hidden files and clean them instantly

What you do online leaves traces. Avira Privacy Pal wipes them clean, letting you safely remove your browser cache, download history, chat logs, cookies, browser sessions, and data related to your application usage – all with one click.

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“Privacy Pal is a surprisingly powerful privacy tool for devices running Windows. You can use it to make privacy related changes on Windows machines, and clear some of the data as well.”


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System Requirements

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  • A PC running Windows 7 or higher (with Service Pack 1 and the latest updates)
  • 2 GB of RAM, over 2 GB of hard disk space, and an internet connection

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