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It’s your right.

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  • Secures online accounts with strong, unique passwords
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No one has a right to the personal details of your life. Or your digital life. And yet, companies will stop at nothing to intrude on your privacy in order to buy, sell, and profit from your personal data–often without your consent or knowledge. Your right to privacy is trampled every day. As are millions of people around the globe. While you can’t prevent bad actors launching attacks, you can protect yourself. 

500 million people already rely on Avira for privacy and security.

500 Million +

Internet-attached devices make up our world-wide sensor network

8.4 Million

Attacks blocked per day (on average)

97.5 Million

Phishing attacks were stopped in the last 12 months alone

17 Million

Ransomware attempts were thwarted last year

Your privacy is no one else’s business.

Your internet service provider, cable company, cell service, smart TV, and smart home devices are engineered to communicate with each other. These devices and service providers–along with financial institutions and any web site you’ve ever registered with–also share, sell, and profit your personal data. Without your consent. In fact, your own personal data can be used against you–from a loan application, to higher charges for online purchases, insurance rates, and more.


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We’re not from Silicon Valley. But we can protect you from it.

We don’t access your personal data. With our industrial grade encryption, we never will. We place privacy over profit, so we never sell your personal data. We collect the bare minimum information about you so we can deliver a localized experience for you when you’re using our products.


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Avira Free Security Suite for Windows Boxshot

Avira Free Security Suite

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Customers love us. Cyber attackers and privacy violators, not so much.

Norm S, Mill Valley: “I couldn’t believe my own security solution was selling my data. I was furious. Not anymore since I switched to Avira. Love how they bundled all the security, performance, and privacy tools.”

Beth JS, San Francisco: “I live on my phone. My business. Managing the kids. Shopping. Bills. I had no idea I wasn’t secure online in my own home. I honestly thought my home Wi-Fi was enough with a secure password.”

Hana P, San Raphael: “I’ve used VPN for years, but that was for a secure connection with my company’s server when I worked remotely. Now that I know what I’m at risk for, I’m on Avira’s VPN for all my devices before I go online.”


Mark M, Oakland: “It’s hard to keep track of so many different passwords that I started to reuse them. Avira’s Password Manager simplified that and upped my security 1000x fold. When I realized my entire life was online-bank accounts, health records, social media, and more, I was ready for a serious next level privacy solution I could rely on." 

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