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5 reasons why you need a good antivirus

In 1971 there was no internet – heck, there were barely any home computers! Nonetheless that’s when the first viruses appeared. Compared to today they were pretty tame. One of the earliest viruses, “Creeper”, just displayed the message “I’M A CREEPER : CATCH ME IF YOU CAN”.

Since then a lot has changed: Almost everyone has a PC and/or smartphone and there is barely anyone who isn’t connected to the internet. And as you may have guessed the dangers have multiplied, too. Luckily there are tools to help you to protect yourself against malware, cybercriminals, and privacy threats. One of those tools is the good old antivirus which can help you with almost all of those dangers. Yet, even though users have a huge choice when it comes to the tool of their liking 27% do not use any real time protection for their PC – and yes, that’s absolutely negligent.

If you belong to the people wondering why you’d actually need an antivirus, here are 5 important reasons. Feel free to share them!

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