Security breach

What is a security breach?

It is the unauthorized access of information on networks, servers, or devices, getting around security on those systems, ultimately resulting in data leakage.

Security breaches are usually used within the context of companies, organizations, or governmental institutions where security defenses were bypassed in order to access confidential information such as identities, email addresses, passwords, sensitive financial information, etc.

Known cases

Some of the most high-profile cases of data leakage include EBay, JP Morgan Chase, the US voter registration database, US diplomatic cables, the NSA prism program, and the Panama Papers.

How to mitigate risks associated with security breaches

Antivirus software, data encryption, password managers, Firewalls and employee training are the recommended to help prevent and mediate the effects of security breaches. To check whether your email was leaked in a security breach, try Avira’s Identity Safeguard from our online dashboard.