Web anonymity

What is web anonymity?

This refers to the ability of users to hide their online identities, including their IP addresses and geographic locations. There are several ways to enhance one’s online anonymity:

  • Web Browser: using a secure and private web browser can block companies from tracking online users.
  • Email: most emails nowadays encrypt emails, but few allow users to sign up without relinquishing certain private information. Some, such as Thunderbird, are more privacy-focused than others.
  • Instant Messaging: a number of instant messaging clients on computers and mobile devices encrypt communications to prevent them from being read by unauthorized third parties. Adium, Pidgin, and Signal are three such services.
  • Web connection: when connecting online, users are assigned IP addresses, unique to their devices. Based on this IP address, it is possible to determine the following information:
    • The city
    • Time zone
    • Zip code
    • User’s likely demographic, based on government census information
    • The name of the organization that owns the IP
    • Whether the user is on a mobile network, and if so, who the carrier is

Avira Phantom VPN enables users to hide their IP addresses.