Browser trackers

What are browser trackers?

These are tags on web pages that collect information on a user’s online habits and preferences.

Tags write out scripts, and these scripts develop cookies that are stored in web browsers. These are tracked by websites to better understand user behaviors. Although cookies have a number of positive aspects, such as remembering logins and letting users resume where they left off in a previous session, they can be invasive.

For example, online vendors can build customer profiles, thanks to tracking technologies. This wouldn’t be problematic if they restricted themselves to the information customers voluntarily shared while on their website. However, when partnering with ad networks, these vendors share information across the network to build more detailed profiles. That’s how after visiting a product on Amazon, a user can later see an ad for it on Facebook.

How to block browser trackers

If you are keen to restrict the amount of information companies can collect, Avira offers a browser tracking blocker integrated in its free extension: Avira Browser Safety.