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Avira QR Scanner for Android and iOS

The secure and money-saving QR and bar code scanner app for your mobile phone

No other scanner offers all these features

Scan with ease

Get the most from QR code technology

Block malicious websites

Avira checks URLs before redirecting to keep you safe

Scan barcodes and hunt for bargains

Use out and about to see cheaper prices online

QR what?

You’ve seen those little boxes full of squiggles. That’s a QR code: a pattern that your phone can scan to decode information hidden inside. They’re super handy, but some come with risks… 

Scan any QR code in safety

“QRishing.” That’s the name for faking QR codes and
sending unsuspecting people to sites packed with malware.

  • Most QR scanners open sites with no checks
  • Avira compares any URLs with our cloud URL database 
  • Only sites that are confirmed safe will open 

Scan for bargains

Want to buy something you’ve seen in store
but unsure if you’ll be paying too much?
Just get your phone out.

  • Scans most UPC bar codes
  • Shows a list of online prices for comparison

Scan once

Do you need to keep getting your phone out every time you want to revisit a site accessed by a QR code? Not with Avira QR Scanner.

  • Keeps a history of all QR scans
  • Scroll through and revisit with a single tap

Never stop scanning – even in the dark

Our unique Flashlight feature works with your phone’s torch to light up codes so that you can scan in any light.

Made in Germany.
Downloaded by millions.

4.5/5 - Excellent

19,000+ reviews

System requirements

Your device is not compatible.
Requires Android 4.2 or later