Avira Optimizer for macOS

Get the best performance from your Mac

  • Speed up your Mac
  • Clean cache and junk files
  • Track freed-up space & removed items
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Recommended by the industry

“Avira Optimizer is the macOS app you want to perform a quick cleaning of your Mac's hard drive to free up anything from a few megabytes to a few gigabytes of disk space.”


Top performance

Avira Optimizer removes the clutter that slows you down.

To keep you running at peak performance and free up space,

you can even schedule alerts telling you when your Mac

needs cleaning.

Large & old file finder

Finding and deleting the file hogs and long-forgotten docs that take up unnecessary space can be a real chore. Avira Optimizer does that for you with ease – and lets you delete the unneeded ones with the click of a button.

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Find the hidden files slowing you down

System and application folders. Browser caches and crash reports. Log and junk files. There are countless hidden folders on your computer storing redundant files that take up space. Our cache and junk cleaner for Mac identifies useless files so you can delete them when you’re ready.

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The best-looking way to speed up your Mac

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With an elegantly simple layout and easy-to-understand interface, Optimizer makes keeping your machine in perfect condition a pleasure rather than a chore.


Most similar programs just do their thing, leaving you none the wiser. Optimizer clearly informs you which files to remove from your system and how much space you saved.

What’s included?

One-click operation

Fire up the app and scan

Junk file cleaner

Delete unnecessary files & browser junk that take up space

Duplicate finder

Clear copied photos and other duplicate files

Large & old file finder

Spot the monsters hogging

Cleaning notifications

Set up reminders when it’s

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System Requirements

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Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher

Clean up your Mac for free