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Logs you in with unique, unhackable passwords – that you don't have to remember

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1 master password to rule them all

It will be the last password you’ll ever have to remember

Reduce risk.
Simplify life.

You needn’t choose between what’s easy and what’s safe: each of your accounts gets unique, strong passwords.

Increase Privacy.
Be unhackable.

Your passwords get encrypted and are accessible only via your Master Password. Even Avira doesn’t know them.

Save time.
Spare nerves.

You’ll never have to reset a forgotten password – we securely store your passwords and automatically log you in to your accounts.

Multiple devices? No problem.

Avira Password Manager works across multiple operating systems.

Sync across browsers

Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

Every account you create is accessible from a central online dashboard. You can even add new accounts or import existing passwords from CSV files and other Password Managers.

Download the Android app

Equip your phone with a secure vault, password generator, and auto-fill functionality, all rolled into one. For your convenience, you can even sync passwords between laptops and smartphones.

Get it free on Google Play

Available for iPhone and iPad

Our mobile app leverages Apple’s Touch ID technology, which enables you to easily to log in to all your accounts with just your fingerprint. You don’t even need a master password!

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Avira Password Manager is not only
for the forgetful…

The Privacy-Minded

Ensure unique, encrypted, and complex passwords stand between your accounts and hackers.

The Serial Account Holders

Facebook. Twitter. Gmail. Spotify… Don’t keep track – get Password Manager to do it for you!

The Performance-Driven

Get logged in automatically, across all devices, on all accounts. That’s efficient (and secure)!

System Requirements

Browsers (on Windows and Mac):

  • Chrome 32 and later
  • Firefox 48 and later
  • Opera 20 and later


iOS 8.0 and later


Android 4.4 and later

Avira Free Security Suite
Avira Free Security Suite

Want even more?

Download our Free Security Suite,
a free, all-in-one tool which includes:

Want even more?

Download our Free Security Suite,
which includes:

  • Antivirus

  • VPN

  • SafeSearch

  • System

  • Software

  • Password

  • Browser

  • And more

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Make password amnesia a thing of the past

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