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Avira Antivirus Pro


Welcome to best-in-class malware protection.
For Windows and Mac.

  • Advanced detection system for preventing novel ransomware and zero-day exploits
  • Complete web protection for safe online shopping and banking
  • Enhanced performance to keep your system fast and optimized
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Visit any page, download any file, stream any film. We’ve got your back.

Web protection

Over 25 million infected sites
blocked / month


Over 8 million phishing attacks
blocked / month


Over 1.4 million ransomware attacks
blocked / month

Award-winning technology that helps protect millions of users.

More intuitive and feature-rich than ever


Our intuitive interface gives you both control over your security and the freedom to automate all your tasks.


Install with two clicks, scan with a click, or set it and forget it—it’s your choice

Our best protection for your digital freedom

Pay and bank online without fear

Buy and bank online, wherever you are. Next-level ID-theft protection means there won’t be any surprises on your bank statements.

• Blocks even the most sophisticated phishing attacks on your
credit cards, bank details, and passwords
• Immunizes you against banking trojans, infected websites,
and fake shopping carts
• Prevents keyloggers from stealing your passwords

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Real-time protection & repair

Keeping your data safe is what we do: Ransomware can’t hijack them, viruses can’t corrupt them, snoops can’t access them.

• Protects in real-time against all existing and emerging malware
• Blocks infected sites
• Secures you while streaming music and films online
• Cleans files and applications compromised by malware

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Download safely Windows feature

Whether it’s an email attachment or music that you’re streaming, if it lands on your device, you can be sure it’s safe.

 • Scans downloaded music files, photos, and torrents for all known and emerging threats
• Scans files kept in cloud storage services such as Flickr
• Unique service: Priority cloud scanning means your files are scanned sooner and faster
• Blocks potentially unwanted applications (PUA) or “bloatware” from installing adware and unwanted toolbars

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Protect your emails too windows feature

Whether it’s sent via email or USB stick, open it, click on it,
download it…you’ll be fine.

• Is compatible with all mail clients, such as Outlook and
web-based services such as Google
• Protects you from all email-borne threats such as spam or
phishing links
• Scans all email attachments
• Scans removable devices, from memory sticks to
hard drives

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Premium customer support

Avira Antivirus Pro includes unlimited, complimentary access to customer support via a toll-free number or email, and offers you a no-ad policy for an optimum experience. 

Made in Germany.
Downloaded by millions.

4.5/5 - Excellent

24,000+ reviews

And recommended by the industry

Rating: 4.5 stars

"One of the best at combining protection and performance into well designed antivirus software."

Rating: 4 stars

"Few have done so well in blocking malware."

Tom’s guide

Next-Gen AI Technology

Your device is connected to our worldwide, cloud-based threat detection system. As soon as a threat is detected, our “swarm intelligence” immunizes millions of customers within minutes against the latest, never-seen-before threats. Your files are checked in real-time against our ever-growing database, where more than ten thousand new virus strains are added daily.


Heuristic detection


Machine learning


Artificial intelligence

What’s inside?

The latest technologies

Antivirus Scanner

Award-winning protection from malware (viruses, ransomware, Banker Trojans, etc.).

Email Protection

Scans email attachments for malware and infected links.


Our automated, intelligent learning system protects you against new and evolving threats.

Device Scanner

Scans removable devices for malware.

PUA Shield

Identifies potentially unwanted applications hidden within legitimate software.

No Ads

Runs silently in the background.

Web Protection

Proactively blocks malicious and phishing URLs from loading.

Customer Support

Free support via phone and email.

Firewall Manager

Optimizes your firewall settings with 1 click

Browser Tracking Blocker*

Quietly prevents companies from monitoring what you do online.


Blocks annoying banners on websites

*Included with Avira Browser Safety — a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

Device Scanner

Scans removable devices for malware.

Activity Stream

Gives you an overview of security-related activities on your Mac.

Customer support

Free support via phone and email.

Integrated Scheduler

Automates recurring tasks like updates or scans.

Real-Time Scanner

Analyzes any file the system accesses.

In-Product Tour

Gives you an overview of all your security’s main features.

System Scanner

Configurable, on-demand search for known viruses and malware.

Browser Tracking Blocker*

Quietly prevents companies from monitoring what you do online.

Quarantine Management

Manages suspicious files that have been quarantined for your safety.


Blocks annoying banners on websites


Blocks phishing attacks

Safe browsing*

Blocks infected websites

*Included with Avira Browser Safety—a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
System Requirements

Offer your data the premium protection it deserves