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Running Android 4.1 or earlier? Use our free app to stop the dirty USSD hack.

dirty ussd hack

Avira USSD Exploit Blocker

Prevent an unwanted USSD wipe of your phone or sim with this simple new app.

USSD codes are keypad commands that can be used to access a variety of phone functions, from checking minutes to accessing expert controls.

Malicious web pages have recently exploited USSD Android functionality. By tapping the wrong web link or scanning a bad QR code, an unsuspecting user can execute a USSD wipe that disables the SIM card or even executes a factory reset, also known as a dirty USSD hack.

Fortunately, Avira now offers a USSD Android exploit detection app. It’s a free and easy way to protect your phone and sim card’s contents from unauthorized deletion.

Install Avira USSD Exploit Blocker (Download from Google Play) . . . .

Did you know? Avira Free Android Security includes anti-theft and call filtering!

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