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Vulnerable applications are the highest security concern

They rank even higher than malware, hackers, and cyber terrorism

  • Application vulnerabilities
  • Malware
  • Configuration mistakes
  • Mobile devices
  • Hackers
  • Faulty network / system configuration
  • Internal employees
  • Cloud-based services
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Trusted third-parties

Source: The 2015 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce.

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Network activated profiles

Finds outdated applications and alerts you, so you don’t have to search for them

Network activated profiles

Saves you time by helping you download all updates from one panel.

Network activated profiles

Provides easy, central controls for updating your software.

Network activated profiles

Offers you up-to-date software with latest new features.

Network activated profiles

Tracks your activity stream, highlighting when you last plugged a vulnerability that might have exposed your private data.

And it’s secure. We scan updates to guarantee clean software application packages that are free from viruses, PUAs, and other annoyances – to make sure you stay safe.

Keeping on top of your updates has never been simpler

Get the simplest status overview of your critical software – in one place – to know if they are updated (secure), or outdated (needing to be patched).

System Requirements

Your system is compatible if you're using Windows 7 and later.

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Avira Software Updater ensures your critical applications are always up to date. This helps prevent vulnerabilities from offering a back door to your computer.

Through the user interface, suggest what additional software you would like automatically updated!

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