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Anti-Malware Software Development Kit: SAVAPI

Easy to deploy, configure and manage, Avira’s SAVAPI delivers capacity without complexity. By integrating one of the world’s most trusted antivirus solutions, strengthen your value proposition over your competition, increase your customers’ confidence in your solutions and establish new revenue avenues.

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Our Mobile SDK: MAVAPI

With near perfect scores in every mobile-based anti-malware test, Avira’s MAVAPI will instantly establish your reputation for security excellence. Expand your services by offering to block malicious apps, detect browser exploits and uncover privacy threats before they harm your customers.

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Detection of malicious websites: URL Cloud

The Avira URL Cloud uncovers over 650,000 infected websites every month. By integrating our technology, all URLs visited by your customers will be scanned for malicious content in the split second between they click and visit, guaranteeing them the ability to securely surf the web.

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Our Web Filtering SDK: ICAP

Avira’s antivirus technology empowers you to scan web traffic for all types of malware. This not only guarantees you a safe network, but greater customer satisfaction as well. You’ll even benefit from expert guidance during all phases of your project, as well as comprehensive support post launch.

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