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New super tool finds bargains automatically

You’ve got your eye on something special, but what’s the hassle-free way to find out which legitimate online shop has the best price? A new, smart tool offers the solution.  

While Amazon may be the biggest online shop, there are other retailers that regularly offer products at cheaper prices than the US retail giant. In addition, there are hundreds of other online shops, including familiar names such as Ikea, Best Buy, and Sears. But how can you find out, with reasonable effort, which online retailer currently offers an item at what price? The new Windows tool Avira Safe Shopping is a clever solution to this question.

Best price, completely automatically

The program helps you find the best price for a product online. Based on intelligent algorithms Avira Safe Shopping compares the prices of thousands of internet retailers in real time, so you can enjoy price savings of up to 40 percent. The big advantage of this tool is that instead of having to trawl through price comparison site results, you can configure it to show you the best price for the product you’re looking for completely automatically. Here’s an example: You’re searching for a Samsung TV for $1,000 on In a flash, Avira Safe Shopping will show you that the same model is available from another retailer for just $800 – or vice versa.

Step-by-step guide to setting up Avira Safe Shopping

  1. Download Avira Safe Shopping for free here: Click “Free download” and follow the onscreen instructions. Here’s some useful info: Avira Safe Shopping works with any browser and any Windows flavor from version 7 and above.
  2. Once you’ve installed it, a small window will appear on the bottom right. Before setting off on your shopping trip, configure Avira Safe Shopping exactly to your needs. To do this, click the gear icon to open the settings.
  3. In the configuration menu, activate the “Vouchers” and “Comparable products” sliders. Following that, click “Back” and minimize the program by clicking the “X”.
  4. If you now open a product page in any online shop, the tool will analyze the prices of over 30,000 other retailers in the background. If it finds a better price, after a few seconds you’ll be notified via a pop up on the bottom right. By clicking the green arrow, the program will take you directly to the shop with the cheaper offer.
  5. If, by contrast, you click “Show all 10 offers”, Avira Safe Shopping will show you the 10 cheapest retailers. You may find a retailer listed that you’ve already purchased from, had a good experience with, and that is only marginally more expensive than the cheapest retailer.
  6. If they’re available, Avira Safe Shopping will even show you vouchers for the shop whose page you’re currently browsing.

Not only cheap, but also secure

They’re very tempting, but cheap prices aren’t the whole story. With Avira Safe Shopping, you don’t just save money – your purchasing activities are also safer and securer as the program provides effective protection from fake retailers. For example, cybergangsters are increasingly putting up fake online shops on a large scale – and ever more consumers are falling prey. It’s practically impossible to tell them apart from “real” internet shops as they look so professional. There are price lists, terms and conditions, and even legal notices. Only experts can tell that the site has been created by scammers with the sole purpose of ripping off customers or selling cheap counterfeits at sky-high prices. Avira Safe Shopping does a reliable job of filtering out these fake shops. Every online retailer listed has also been screened for their protection against possible fraud attempts as well as their compliance with high customer-satisfaction standards.

Protection against dynamic pricing included

Last but not least, Avira Safe Shopping protects you from ambiguous “dynamic pricing”, which more and more online retailers are using. With dynamic pricing, the price you finally pay often depends on factors such as purchasing behavior and the device you use. The pricing differences on the invoice can be huge. If you use Avira Safe Shopping you can be sure that you’re always getting the cheapest price.

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