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10+ Million Users to get instant P.U.A. Shield

Whenever we start a conversation about threats, especially about Potentially Unwanted Applications, we get tangled up in definitions, stats and a lot of business talks. So where does all this business talk leave my parents? At the end of the day, they will still search for one application to download on their computer and end up with six more by mistake.

We chose to focus on consumers’ peace of mind because this is what ultimately empowers you to go out there and work, build or have fun on your computer. Putting this into business stats may provide a rational dimension to things, but what we do is more powerful than business arguments.

To show what we have in mind we’ve made a video to sum it all up, a video with no product features and no product screenshots, just the feeling of being safe and regaining your piece of mind.

So how did we tackle P.U.A.?

Avira Browser Safety now has P.U.A . Shield built in. This means our browser extension is capable of blocking Potentially Unwanted Applications before they get downloaded on your computer, at the download portal level.

What does this mean for the industry?

  1. Making a difference – it means instant P.U.A. Shield protection for 10+ Million Avira Browser Safety users;
  2. Cleaner Internet – with such a wide distribution, consumer peace of mind will become an important factor in changing the current P.U.A. landscape, ultimately helping us clean up the internet;
  3. More than blocking, providing a solution – we choose to go beyond the industry paradigm of limiting the consumer’s options, by actually allowing him to continue the intended action without the extra unwanted ‘baggage’;

Safe inside the browser is one of the core feelings we are building security products upon.This is moment zero of a continuously evolving protection that firmly states our commitment to our users’ peace of mind.

To benefit from better protection against Potentially Unwanted Applications, get Avira Browser Safety with P.U.A. Shield now:

And, as a top tip of the day, to avoid P.U.A. and Malware altogether, you now have the option to download only scanned applications – on

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Product Manager Avira SafeApps & P.U.A Shield