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Welcome to the Avira Scout Early Access

To get the browser on your PC just head over here and download it. Double-click on the file and just go through the usual setup routine to install it.

Before you start you might want to know more about our browser though. What can it do? What is planned? Are there any bugs? And probably even more questions. Luckily we’ve already answered most of them in different articles we released of the last couple of months on our blog. To make finding them easier for you, we’ve added a list of them below. Just follow the links to get (most) of the questions you probably have answered.

Avira Scout: Avira’s Secure Browser

Why did we even decide to start and build a browser?  Take a look at the reasons and thoughts that stand behind Avira Scout.

Avira Scout: Plans and Tactics

Find out more about our plans and what goals we have in mind for the browser in this 2-part blog post from security expert Thorsten Sick.

Putting the S into HTTPS

Without encryption you could not go online shopping, online banking or even downloads and updates over the internet without running an extreme risk. Here are some thoughts on how Avira Scout will handle this problem.

Google, Chromium, HotWord, and our Avira Scout

How does our browser handle extensions to make sure that no unwanted ones are installed and why is that important? You can find out all about it in the below blog article.

Avira Scout: Cookie Overkill

On an average site you will have a surprising large list of trackers that monitor your behavior on the page and during your trip through the internet. Avira Scout’s anti-tracking technology prevents analytical services, advertising networks, and social platforms from monitoring what you do online.

Avira Scout: Does Usability = Security?

The Avira Scout autopilot has a simple knob which allows you to switch between modes and decide which one suits you best:

“Comfort” or “Secure”

Tips & Tricks for your new browser

Sometimes you can run into issues when using Chromium or Avira Scout, which is based on Chromium. That’s why security expert Stefan Roll has already prepared a blog article that deals with some of the more common issues and their solution.

That’s it for now. If you have any feedback concerning our browser feel free to provide it in the comments below or directly via the link in the browser’s user interface.

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