How can I check if agents have been successfully moved using a command line?

With AMC-Release 2.7 it is now possible to move agents into a new group using a command line. You can find more details about this new feature in the manual in chapter 5.3.3 "Importing Computers into the Security Environment".

If you want to verify that the command has been successfully executed, you can do so by requesting a return value. This might be particularly interesting for administrators who like to do the group assignment using a start script.

However, a little improvisation is needed since the agent is not a normal command line program. For this purpose, the "-group" parameter will be transferred to the agent via the DOS command "START /WAIT". You can request the return value using the error level, e.g. to log it in a file.

The batch could look like this:

START /WAIT agent.exe --group "sample group" echo %errorlevel% > log.txt

In case of a successful execution of the command, the agent will return the value 0. If there has been an error, the value is "-1".


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