Changelogs: Avira System Speedup

2015-01-19: Update 1.6

  1. General Information
    Avira System Speedup, update 1.6 has been released on January 19th, 2015.
  2. Improvements
    • Settings from Adobe Flash Player are no longer detected as a privacy issue
    • The height of the clickable area from the menu items have been enlarged
    • The Menu will be displayed at the proper position
    • Avira System Speedup can be opened from the system tray with a single click
    • The system tray icon opens only with a double click
    • UI improvements and font adaptions
  3. Bugfixes
    • Open location also works for registry entries in Privacy Cleaner
    • Avira System Speedup starts twice in some conditions
    • Fixed an Issue regarding the restoring of the Speedup window after minimizing and hiding
    • Balloon tooltips will be displayed


  • Avira System Speedup [Windows]
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