How can I reactivate Web Protection in the Avira Toolbar?

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Would you prefer the Avira SearchFree Toolbar? Then please read on!

With Avira version 2014 update 5 (released in June 2014) , the Avira SearchFree Toolbar has been removed from our portfolio. Therefore, all new Avira Antivirus installations from update 5 upwards do not offer the toolbar installation anymore.

Avira provides alternatively the Avira Browser Safety. This free, highly discrete browser extension protects your online privacy and blocks malicious websites before they load.

For additional information please see this helpful article.

If you are still using the Avira SearchFree Toolbar, please read on.

You notice that Web Protection of Avira Free Antivirus is deactivated in the Avira Toolbar and you wonder how to activate it again?


The problem can be solved by a repair installation. Therefore, please proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the "Programs and Features" by clicking on Start → Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features. Thereafter, select the installed Avira product and click on Change


  2. Select in the following Window the option "Modify" and click on Next


  3. Make sure that the component "Web Protection" is set activ and confirm with a click on Next


  4. After the repair installation has been completed, the setup window will close automatically. Please check the result in the browser.


If the Web Protection still remains disabled, that means you have a technical problem with your system. In this case please contact our Avira support.


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