What should I do when AMES does not detect a virus?

AMES is using the Avira engine for virus detection. If the Avira engine is not able to detect a virus, then the most likely cause could be that this virus is brand new and cannot be detected yet. We would greatly appreciate if you submit the suspicious file to us so we can analyze it immediately. Our virus lab will subsequently send you a feedback. If we cannot detect the suspicious file as a virus, we will work on creating an update to make sure we detect the file in the future.

In case that the suspicious file will be detected as a virus, we will provide the version of the VDF (Virus Definition Files) in which the detection was added. AMES updates its VDF files every 5 minutes therefore, the newly discovered files will be promptly filtered in AMES.

We can provide you with even more details by looking at the VDF History, there you can see when the release of the VDF has been made. Additional details can be found in the Email headers such as when and which version of the VDF has been used to scan your Email.

Should you be of the opinion that we ought to detect the suspicious file as a virus, please contact our support.


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