How do I boot Windows 8 in Safe Mode?

Windows 8 makes it a bit more complicated to start in safe mode compared to previous versions. Several additional steps are now necessary:


  1. Press Shift-F8 during the boot process until the start manager appears. This might be difficult at times, since the time frame for hitting F8 is very limited.
    Alternatively, if Windows is running already, you can bring up the PC settings by swiping across the right screen board or by pressing the Win+I key.
  2. Then, click on Change PC Settings.

    win8 activate pc settings
  3. Select General from the left panel and scroll down to the bottom at the right panel and click on Restart now under Advanced startup.

    win 8 pc settings restart
  4. Once you have reached the Advanced Boot Options, go to Troubleshoot.

    win 8 advanced boot options
  5. Then, select Advanced Options.

    win8 troubleshoot
  6. Followed by Startup Settings.
    Click on the Restart button.
  7. The computer then reboots. Before it starts the normal Windows 8 system, it will display the Startup Settings instead. You will see 3 Safe Mode options listed here.

    • Press F4 to Enable Safe Mode
    • Press F5 to Enable Safe Mode with Networking
    • Press F6 to Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt

    Win8 startup settings
  8. Once one of the 3 options is chosen, the system continues to reboot and then goes into the mode you expected.


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