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  • Browser Tracking Blocker
  • Website Safety Advisor
  • Smartphone Privacy & Anti-Theft

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Installing Version 2013: A momentary chore, a year of advantages

Staying safe online isn’t merely about shielding your PC. It’s about being in control of your security and privacy, no matter how, when and where you connect. That’s why the new version of Avira is designed to revolve around you, protecting your PC, your smartphone and your web privacy. It’s security to every facet of your online life. See what’s new:

  • Browser Tracking Blocker

    Stops over 600 companies from recording your web activities

  • Website Safety Advisor

    Security ratings in your search results. Know before you go!

  • Ad-Free Protection

    Installing the SearchFree Toolbar suppresses Avira’s pop-up communications.

  • Social Network Protection

    Intelligent parental controls for Facebook and other social sites

What is Avira
System Speedup

Avira System Speedup safely and thoroughly removes unused data and resolves errors to restore your PC’s fast performance!

  • Junk Files Cleaner
  • Smart Defragmenter
  • File Shredder
  • File Encryption