How do I renew the license for my Avira product?

You can renew your Avira product license before it expires. In order to ensure a smooth processing, we recommend that you renew your license at least 1 week before. The remaining days from the expiring license will be added automatically to the new license. This way you will not lose any remaining time from your previous license.

To prevent errors during the renewal process, please proceed as follows:

Advance notice:
It is a prerequisite to renew your product license via the Renew Now button in your Avira product. Buying a new license over the Avira website will lead to an error message during the license activation process, because the new purchased license cannot be identified as a license renewal.

When performing a license RENEWAL, you will NOT receive a new activation code. The existing one will be renewed and remains valid.

You will receive a new activation code only when your current Avira product has been renewed. For example, from “Avira Internet Security 2013” to “Avira Internet Security Suite 2015” or from “Avira Premium” to “Avira Pro”.

Renew the Antivirus Pro license

  1. Open the Avira Control Center.
  2. Click Renew Now.


    A new browser window will open.
  3. Once you have selected for how many years you want to renew your license, you will be forwarded to the Avira Online Shop.
  4. Please check your product, license duration and the amount of users, and then click the green button Proceed To Checkout.

  5. Please check your personal information.
  6. Enter your payment information and click Next Step.

    Online Shop - Renewal - Next Step
  7. Review your data and click Buy Now.

  8. An email with the subject "Your Avira product renewal instructions" will be sent to your email account.
  9. From now on is no further user interaction required. The license will be transferred automatically to your product within the next 72 hours. Therefore, your device (PC, Laptop, etc.) has to stay online for a while so the Avira product can align the current license status with the license management facility.

You will NOT receive a new activation code. Your existing license will be prolonged and will keep further the validation.

In case that after 72 hours your license renewal is still not displayed in your Avira product, please proceed as described in this article.

In case you bought the new license as an initial purchase and not as a renewal, you might receive the error message 563. Read this article to learn about the options you have now.




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