How do I remove or change activities from social networks?

Perhaps your brother sat on his cell phone and inadvertently posted nonsense on your wall. Maybe after a long talk with your mom you now feel sorry for posting those unflattering photos of your ex-best friend. Regardless of the reason, follow the instructions below to remove or change activities from social networks.


Start by logging into your Facebook account.

  • Post: To remove or edit a post or comment that you created, click here for instructions. To remove or hide a post from your timeline, click here for instructions

  • Photo: To remove a photo that you posted, click here for instructions. You also have options in case you are tagged in a photo that you do not like

  • Private messages: While you can’t go back in time and un-send a private message, you can delete the conversation from your own Facebook account by following the instructions here


Start by logging into your Twitter account.

  • Tweet: To delete a tweet, follow the instructions here


Start by logging into your Google+ account.

  • Post: To delete or edit a comment or post, follow the instructions here

  • Photo: To delete on of your own photos, follow the instructions here. To remove a photo tag, follow the instructions here


  • Avira Social Network Protection [Windows]
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