The New Avira Version 2013

The (R)evolution of Security.

We’ve evolved our security to revolve around you.
Version 2013 goes beyond the PC to protect all facets of your digital life.

Powerful antivirus software
or a total security solution?

Decide what’s important to you,
then choose your protection level!

  • Eliminates viruses, Trojans and spyware
  • Tackles unknown malware threats in the cloud
  • Stops trackers from following you on the web
  • Intercepts harmful websites before they load
  • Shields kids from inappropriate web content
  • Proactive detection of email phishing scams
  • Ample privacy and security in wi-fi hotspots
  • Optimizes your PC for faster performance
  • Encrypts confidential files and folders
Learn more Try it for 30 days

Learn more Try it for 30 days

Learn more Try it for 30 days


Avira SearchFree Toolbar:

Browser Tracking Blocker

A staggering—and growing—number of companies are following people’s activities on the web, hoping to pull a profit from the information they gather. In most cases, this is neither dangerous nor illegal. But if having your data stored and reused makes you uncomfortable, you deserve the chance to make it stop.

The Browser Tracking Blocker bars over 600 advertisers, social networks and other pushy folks from finding out who you are and where you’re going. It’s completely customizable, so you can permit tracking by sites you trust.

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Enhanced PC Protection:

The Avira Protection Cloud

We’ve taken malware identification to a much higher level—the stratosphere. When you enable the Protection Cloud, the digital fingerprint of suspicious executable files on your PC (e.g., .exe, .dll) is checked against real-time malware data in the cloud.

Matching just a tiny fingerprint consumes a fraction of the system power it would take to comb through an entire file. The result? Undisturbed surfing, streaming, calling. What’s more, cloud scanning works with malware information that is updated nonstop. So you’re protected against the latest threats, even between regular product updates.

Avira SearchFree Toolbar:

Website Safety Advisor

A crystal ball for the web

Performing web searches from within the SearchFree Toolbar lets you know exactly what to expect before you visit the websites in your search results.

Based on the latest research from 50 different sources, search results are marked with a rating of safe, low risk or high risk. Each rating comes with an explanation of any possible risks, empowering you with all the knowledge you need for a confident click.

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Parental Controls:

Social Network Protection

Facebook and other social networks have become a second schoolyard for children around the world. But unlike an actual playground, adult supervision is not readily available. Or is it? Activate Avira Social Network Protection and we’ll supervise your children’s social web use 24/7 and immediately alert you of any sign of cyberbullying, online predators, reputation damage or inappropriate content.

This product is also available separately.

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Proactive Detection:

Advanced AntiPhishing

Bank spoofs. Fake credit card updates. We’ve emptied the whole bag of tricks.

Email scammers are getting more and more clever, but so has our AntiPhishing module. The new version proactively detects email phishing, which means that your identity, your accounts and your reputation are protected from the scammers no one else has caught yet!

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Safe Browsing:

Enhanced Child Protection

We envision an internet that complements young people’s education, provides cultural enrichment and allows them to stay in touch with friends and relatives.

That’s why we’ve upgraded our Safe Browsing feature to make it easier than ever for parents to create a positive online environment for their children. At your own discretion, you can now block websites according to individual categories (e.g., violence) as well as set time limits and quiet hours for web surfing.

More Security for All:

Network Drive Scanning

Saving your documents, photos and music on shared folders?

Avira’s scanning capabilities have now been expanded to include network drives. Better protection for you means more security for your whole network. And just another way we put you at the center of your security.

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Mobile Protection:

Security for Android

Your smartphone puts the web, media and communication capabilities of a computer right in your pocket. Like a PC, it also stores some of your most sensitive data. That’s why smartphone protection is a critical component of your overall security. Avira Version 2013 comes with a full set of security tools for your Android, including remote locking, a phone finder and an unwanted call/SMS blocker.

This product is also available separately.

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Performance-Boosting Security:

System Speedup

Maximum protection. A fast PC. Who says you can’t have both?

Introducing Avira Internet Security Plus, the only PC security suite equipped with Avira System Speedup. Imagine tightening your security and making your PC faster at the same time! It doesn’t take a miracle—it only takes a click to eliminate unnecessary data, silence error messages and organize your system. Finally unleash the fast performance you didn’t know your PC had!

This product is also available separately.

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