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Consumers Becoming Savvy About Online Shopping Safety According to Avira Survey

Most Are Aware of Fraud, But Feel Empowered to Take Calculated Risk

Tettnang, Germany --- December 7, 2012– Security expert Avira announced today the results of its latest research survey. With holiday shopping in full swing, Avira wanted to know if concerns about online shopping safety were increasing or subsiding. So Avira re-ran a set of survey questions from 2011 to compare year-over-year results.

The conclusions? Consumer attitudes toward online fraud and shopping risk have changed significantly in two areas:
- Nearly everyone is now aware that online fraud can and does happen
- Reactionary fear of online shopping has now morphed into a sober, calculated risk

The largest change in survey results between 2011 and 2012 was a 23 percent increase in the number of people who feel comfortable shopping online so long as the payment system is secure. The next largest change was a 10 percent decrease in the number of people who deny that there is much fraud going on – more than 95 percent now realize that online fraud is a reality.

“Consumers have largely embraced online and mobile shopping, and the stereotypical Luddite who refuses to shop online at all hardly exists anymore,“ said Travis Witteveen, COO of Avira. “What we are seeing this year is an educated consumer who is aware that online fraud can happen, but they are careful about which sites they shop and they look for evidence of secure payment features. They are willing to take a calculated and controlled risk.“

The survey question and multiple-choice answers were presented randomly to Avira’s website visitors during July of 2011 and again during September of 2012:

Q:  Do you feel secure while shopping online?

A: (ranked by size of year-over-year change 2011 2012 change
I am fine as long as the method of paying and the financial transactions are always secure 15.65% 38.71% +23.06
I feel secure – fraud with online shopping doesn’t happen often 14.36% 4.39% -9.97
Due to security concerns, I do not shop online 18.85% 11.76% -7.09
I shop online, but I always fear that my personal data is going to get into the wrong hands 28.62% 23.20% -5.42
I trust only well known shops or brands like Amazon or iTunes 22.51% 21.94% -0.57

n = 638 respondents with a margin of error of +/- 3.8 percent

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