lundi 29 octobre 2012

Avira Launches Experts Market to Help Consumers Fix Computer Problems Through Experts Around the Globe

Consumers get qualified expert assistance by using key word search, profiles, ratings and reviews to fix any computer problem 24/7 online

Tettnang, Germany --- Oct. 29, 2012 – IT security expert Avira today announced its new Experts Market online platform which enables consumers to find computer geeks/experts to help them handle both the trivial and challenging problems that arise with their laptops or desktop computers. Avira has identified within its over 100 million user population a 1:10 ratio of experts versus novice users. Now Avira offers a platform for those consumers who need help and the experts who are interested in offering their help commercially to others. Experts Market is accessible 24/7 and open to any computer user (Mac OSx, Windows, or other), whether they are an Avira customer or not. If you find yourself in a bind and need help quick, this is the place to go.

For consumers, Experts Market is a much quicker solution than unplugging everything and running to the local computer store, alleviating the time users are without their device. For the experts, it’s an opportunity to realize a new revenue stream from customers who are located around the globe, and need help fixing something that is wrong on their machine. Avira has already signed up thousands of experts around the globe so they are ready to help consumers right away.

“Experts Market leverages Avira’s community, reducing the amount of time and money spent on servicing computers and generating revenue for those who can help,” explained Travis Witteveen, COO of Avira. “With a huge selection of experts from a variety of backgrounds and a wide-range of expertise, the Experts Market offers real-time solutions to computer users around the globe. If you have a computer problem at 2 a.m., there is an expert somewhere around the world that can help you.”

Pick the Right Expert

Avira’s Experts Market lets consumers receive immediate help from an IT specialist. Consumers just have to type in keywords that best describe their problem in a search bar to find a list of IT specialists with matching criteria: language, location, operating system, expertise, ratings, availability, etc. Wherever you are, in whichever time zone you may be and whatever your software problem, you will find that reliable and affordable solutions are available immediately. To find out more information about Avira’s Experts Market, please visit the website:

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A propos d’Avira

Avira souhaite que ses clients vivent 'libérés' des spywares, phishing, virus et autres menaces basées sur internet. La société a été créée il y a 25 ans sur la promesse de son fondateur Tjark Auerbach de « concevoir un logiciel qui réalise de belles choses pour mes amis et ma famille ». Plus de 100 millions de consommateurs et de petites entreprises font maintenant confiance à l'expertise d'Avira en matière de sécurité et à son antivirus primé, faisant de l'entreprise le numéro deux mondial en termes de parts de marché. Avira assure la protection informatique des ordinateurs, smartphones, serveurs et réseaux, au travers de solutions logicielles et de services cloud.

En plus de protéger le monde en ligne, le PDG d'Avira contribue à améliorer les conditions de vie dans le monde réel à travers la Fondation Auerbach qui soutient des projets caritatifs et sociaux. La philosophie de la fondation est d'aider les populations à s'aider elles-mêmes.

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